• UFC 131 post fight analysis


    UFC 131 was a great event. I think you will all agree there were some great fights on the night. One of my favorite fights was the Maia vs Munoz fight. I really do think the judges made the right decision and Munoz definitely deserved the win. It was strange as Maia switched his game up and showed more dominant stand-up and Munoz seemed to have the advantage over Maia in the ground department. Another notable victory was in the Stout vs Edward fight where Sam Stout gave the fans a highlight reel knockout to remember. Kenny Florian looked great in his fight against Diego Nunes in which he dominated for most of the fight showing his superior ground game and all round experience. A great fight for the fans of the heavy hitters was the Einemo vs Herman fight. I really liked Herman in this fight and I think we will see some more great fights to come from this guy who scored the knockout win over Einemo. Donald Cerrone basically put on a Muay Thai clinic against Vagner Rocha. His leg kicks were devastating and really ended up being the deciding factor in the victory. The main event was the perfect end to a great night of fights with Dos Santos picking up the win over a bloody Shane Carwin. Junior handled Carwin pretty easily with the only real threat from Carwin coming from the power we all know he has to end fights with a single punch. That never came into play and once the fight was finished carwin’s face looked like something out of a horror film. I am not sure how Dos Santos will fare against the likes of Cain but I am sure it will be a great fight. Dos Santos will be around for a long time regardless.


    Thanks guys!