• MMA in Australia: Shindo New Breed MMA Gym


    I was recently talking to a friend from Fight World Cup and they were telling me about all the great things that have been happening within the MMA scene in Australia. I thought it would be great to give my readers and MMA fans across the globe a little update on some of the things going on over there in one of Australia’s top MMA gym’s.


    The Shindo New Breed MMA Gym is based on the gold coast. The gym has been around since 1994 teaching children and adults mixed martial arts in all the forms of combat. They cover everything from striking, grappling and clinching to cardio, endurance and strength training. The gym holds MMA classes for children which is great for teaching discipline from a young age and keeping them fit and healthy. We may even see some of them competing in the UFC or Strikforce one day following in the footsteps of fellow Australian MMA stars Kyle Noke or George Sotiropoulos. MMA is growing in popularity all the time over in Australia just like it is in many countries all over the world. More and more new gym’s keep popping up and as long as this keeps happening MMA will continue to dominate the world of combat sports and increasing amounts of new people will be able to learn about mixed martial arts.


    Here are some cool websites to check out:


    www.shindomma.net – The website for the Shindo New Breed MMA Gym.


    www.smacktalkfightwear.com.au – An Australian MMA fight wear company.


    Thanks Guys,


    Jay Cee.