• Kenny Florian is unsure on his future in MMA after UFC 136 loss to Jose Aldo

  • The other night at UFC 136 Kenny Florian lost his fight with featherweight champion and MMA sensation Jose Aldo. Myself like many other fans and supporters felt that Kenny had a pretty good shot! He looked so good in his fight against Diego Nunes at UFC 131 which was his debut fight at featherweight after dropping from the lightweight division. Unfortunately Florian was unable to get the job done at UFC 136 and Jose Aldo retained his title. This loss left Kenny thinking about what would be next for him and his MMA career. Multiple reports suggest that he may take some time out to focus on family and re-evaluate his options. Ken-Flo is a fan favorite and many of us love to see him in action. One thing we can be sure of is that he will be involved in MMA in some shape or form. He is a talented commentator, TV host and fighter so there are multiple avenues for him to consider.

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    Jay Cee.