• MTV UK set to introduce MMA content on MTV.co.uk and new show “Caged”

  • MTV MTV UK set to introduce MMA content on MTV.co.uk and new show CagedIt was announced on Friday that MTV UK will be introducing various MMA content to it’s website MTV.co.uk. The reason behind this new content is to mark the arrival of a new TV show named “Caged”. This new show is set to premiere on MTV UK on Wednesday 16th May at 9pm, it is a docu-series that will give viewers and insight into the world of amateur MMA fighters trying to make it in the fight industry.

    One of the films available to view on MTV.co.uk will be “BAMMA’s top five finishes” presented by matchmaker Jude Samuel, the video will showcase some exciting fights and allow viewers to see some of the biggest and most exciting names in the sport.

    For those of you who are not aware BAMMA is Europe’s leading Mixed Martial Arts promotion, launched in 2009 they are known for putting on a great show and exciting fight cards. Here is what BAMMA director David Green had to say about MTV covering Mixed Martial Arts:

    “The mainstream British media has been slow to pick up on MMA as an evolving sport, particularly domestic MMA. BAMMA is proud to be involved with the platform that MTV UK is providing for a positive representation of the sport. MTV UK has always represented the cutting edge; and since MMA with its visceral energy really does put rock n roll into Combat Sports, MTV UK makes the perfect home for creative angles on the sport”

    As well as the BAMMA short MTV.co.uk will also host a set of short MMA films aimed at educating newcomers to the sport and giving them a real look at UK MMA. These films will include content on UFC fighter John “The Hitman” Hathaway, Michael “Venom” Page and Przemyslaw Misiek Mysiala. Here is what the filmmaker behind these short films Demetrio Marquez had to say:

    “As an MMA fan, I’m delighted to be a part of MTV UK’s coverage of the sport. My contribution is to project MMA in the best light possible, creating content that is engaging and informative to new fans, whilst attempting to give fans like myself what we would like to see about our favorite Mixed Martial Artists. I’ve chosen three characters who I believe offer distinct insights and can explain three things to those new to the sport; The excitement, the demands and the misconceptions of Mixed Martial Arts.”

    To view BAMMA’s Top 5 Finishes and MTV’s MMA pages visit the following site:

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