• Ultimate Impact Cagefighting 8: Caers vs. Constantine Post-Fight Review and Results

  • Pic 611 300x200 Ultimate Impact Cagefighting 8: Caers vs. Constantine Post Fight Review and ResultsOn Saturday night Ultimate Impact Cagefighting 8 took place at the Cheltenham Leisure Centre, providing fans with an exciting 15-fight card that will not soon be forgotten. The event featured a headline bout between Lee Caers and Ben Constantine, who met inside the cage for a third time, after each picking up a win in their two previous bouts. Everything was at steak in this highly anticipated third chapter, with the UIC welterweight championship up for grabs. From my position at cage-side I was able to witness all of the nights action which included some epic stand-up battles.

    Pic 601 282x300 Ultimate Impact Cagefighting 8: Caers vs. Constantine Post Fight Review and ResultsThe headline bout between Lee Caers and Ben Constantine did not make it past the first round, as both men clearly planned to leave everything inside the cage. The round started with a back-and-forth striking exchange which eventually gave Constantine an opportunity to control Caers and lift him up for a big slam to the canvas. Ben momentarily sustained ground control before Lee managed to use the cage to stand up, Caers managed to find an opening and administered a guillotine choke which Constantine managed to get himself out of.

    Now back on their feet, both men began exchanging blows, then Constantine shot in for a take-down, but was met by a stiff knee from Caers. Realising that Ben had been rocked by the shot, Caers took Constantine’s back and began an attempt to lock in a rear-naked choke. After a short period of time fighting for position, Caers managed to get the choke locked in, leaving Constantine with no option but to tap.

    Pic 581 300x201 Ultimate Impact Cagefighting 8: Caers vs. Constantine Post Fight Review and ResultsMy favorite fight of the night was the co-main event, which featured and epic stand-up war between Bruno Marques and Anthony Ferguson. These men literally banged for three straight rounds, giving fans a memorable “Fight of the Night” performance that showcased some brutal striking and kicks. With the action becoming more intense during each round, both men gave as good as they got, making it hard for any judge to call. The fight ended up going to a decision and was announced as a draw…and to be honest I do not think many people would have disagreed. A fantastic performance from both men!

    Here are the full results for UIC 8:

    Lee Caers def. Ben Constantine via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) – 4:23 – Rnd 1 (UIC Welterweight Title Fight)

    Bruno Marques and Anthony Ferguson – Split Draw – 5:00 – Rnd 3

    Mark Tucker def. Marc Allen via Submission (Armbar) – 2:24 – Rnd 3

    Mario Saeed def. Sean May via Submission (Armbar) – 1:29 – Rnd 1

    Sam Mensah def. Nikki Kent via TKO (Knees & Strikes) – 0:19 – Rnd 1

    Will Wride def. Mark Percival via TKO (Ground & Pound) – 1:07 – Rnd 2


    Ryan Marshall def. Ryan Dunne via KO (punch) – 1:02 – Rnd 3

    Ziggy Horrie def. Glenn Shelford via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) – 1:20 – Rnd 1

    Gary Alvey def. Gary Dawe via Submission (Triangle Choke) – 2:21 – Rnd 1

    Noel Mahoney def. Jimmy Hutton via Submission (Guillotine Choke) – 0:19 – Rnd 1

    Robbie Lewis def. Liam Sekam via Submission (Armbar) – 1:53 – Rnd 2

    George Thomas def. Mitch Stephens via Unanimous Decision – 3:00 – Rnd 3


    Jack Shore def. Jordan Garnett via Submission (Triangle Choke) – 1:17 – Rnd 1

    Mack Stephens def. Michael McLeod via Submission (Achilles Lock) – 1:34 – Rnd 1

    Sam Osmond def. Michael Jones via Submission (Armbar) – 1:33 – Rnd 2


    Pic 271 300x240 Ultimate Impact Cagefighting 8: Caers vs. Constantine Post Fight Review and ResultsOverall Ultimate Impact Cagefighting 8 provided an action packed card, so make sure you are at the next event!

    The cage at UIC 8 was provided by TrojanFit, so make sure you check them out if you get the chance: http://www.trojanfit.co.uk/ – They have got plenty of quality MMA equipment and cages for hire.

    Also, congratulations to Anna Middleton who won the ring-girl competition on the night!

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