• Interview: Soa ‘The Hulk’ Palelei talks about upcoming fight with Sean McCorkle at AFC 4

  • Soa Palelei Interview: Soa The Hulk Palelei talks about upcoming fight with Sean McCorkle at AFC 4I recently got the chance to catch up with heavyweight MMA fighter Soa “The Hulk” Palelei, who will be facing Sean McCorkle at AFC 4 on Dec. 7. We talk about his upcoming fight, aims for the future and more…

    Jay Cee: ”Hi Soa, great to have you on themmareview.co.uk. Let me start by talking about your upcoming fight against Sean McCorkle at AFC 4. What are you thoughts on Sean as an opponent? and how do you see the fight playing out?”

    Soa: ”Firstly guys thank you for this opportunity. Sean is a great fighter and I have nothing but respect for him, he’s fought on some major organizations, and has done very well in his career, I look forward to stepping into the cage with him and seeing what happens, I guess you’ll just have to stay tuned. Were both going in there to do a job.”

    Jay Cee: ”You are currently riding a seven-fight winning streak, surely that must give you a lot of confidence going into the fight against McCorkle? or does it add some form of pressure to stay on the winning track?”

     Soa: ”It’s a great feeling but as you said there comes pressure, not only because of the wins I’m coming off but because I want to keep my fans happy. I train hard and smart I always say that the training and the prep is the hard part the fight is easy, it’s the lead up to it that is the hardest part however I’m “The Hulk” and I do what I have to do in order to be at my peak I have an amazing team of trainers behind me, as well as that I mentally ready this is a big part of my training being mentally ready if you’re not then there’s always room for doubt and error.”

    Jay Cee: ”Have you or will you be bringing in any special training partners in preparation for your next fight? Where will your training camp be taking place?”

    Soa: ”I’m in a camp at the moment, working hard and getting ready for December 7th. I’ve been training but once I get a date then I amp things up. I will be doing some flying to get other training but say to much as I don’t want t give my secrets away lol.”

    Jay Cee: ”Your most recent fight was against Bobb Sapp, where you won via TKO in just 12 seconds. As I am sure you are aware there has been a lot of speculation around Sapp possibly throwing fights. What was running through your mind after the ref called a stop to the action? Were you just happy to get the win? or slightly disappointed that the fight didn’t last a bit longer?”

    Soa: ”I will start by saying Bob is a great guy, I went in there to fight as I do every single time, when I hit Bob I felt his body go somewhat limp, and then I took it to the ground, people can say what they want to say, everyone is entitled to their opinion but the only people in that cage were myself bob and the ref.”

    Jay Cee: ”Tell me a bit about your aims for the future, If you are successful against McCorkle what is next? Are you looking to move on to one of the bigger shows i.e. Bellator, Strikeforce, UFC etc.?”

    Soa: ”I think everyone that has me on twitter btw check me out on @soathehulk lol, can see that the UFC is the one I’m gunning for, I feel like I have unfinished business there and I want to show the UFC and everyone out there what I can do and bring to the table, I’m a completely different fighter now, my training is on key as is my diet I have every aspect covered, all I need is that second chance, I believe everyone deserves a second chance and I know that should I be given that I wouldn’t disappoint.”

    Jay Cee: ”You have not been defeated since November 2010, where you lost a fight to current Strikeforce heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier. Would you like a chance to avenge that loss in a rematch one day?”

    Soa: ”Daniel Cormier is a great fighter, that loss sparked a fire in me and its been burning bright since then, as it shows. Dan has accomplished a lot from being an Olympic wrestler that’s quite an accomplishment you most certainly don’t get that by sitting at a bus stop, I knew it was going to be a hard fight and it is what it is. I have respect for Dan and if the chance was to come up one day we will see what happens.”

    Jay Cee: ”What is the most memorable fight of your career so far? and why?”

    Soa: ”I’d have to say every single fight, I love what I do and I’m blessed that I’m able to fight full time this is my job and with that I can’t pick one. The feeling I get when I step out and hear the crowd go crazy waiting anticipating for the bout to start is indescribable, and I will say its even better when you’re winning.”

    Jay Cee: ”Last question…Who is your favorite MMA fighter past or present?”

    Soa: ”My favorite fighter is Fedor, without a doubt I still consider him the best and he has a complete game in MMA.”

    Jay Cee: ”It has been really good having you on Soa. Feel free to give a shout out to any of your sponsors or people?”

    Soa: ”Thank you for the bottom of my heart your support through out the years has been simply amazing, I’m humbled by the mail and tweets I get daily from my fans, follow me on twitter @soathehulk. Also my sponsors, a big thank you to them for their support I’m able to fight full-time and train as hard as I do because of them, Mack Boots follow them on @MackBoots, Southern Crossfit @SouthernCF, Rapid Loss @rapidchallenge, Limousine Excursions, MMA Victor @MMAvictor, Nude By Nature, BeSpoke By Nicholas, Hotmetal DESIGN @HotmetalDESIGN, if I’ve missed anyone I apologize. My team who keep me on track with all that we have happening and you Jay for allowing me this opportunity.”

    Jay Cee: ”Ok, great. I really appreciate you taking the time to speak with me Soa and I wish you the best of luck in your next fight! Thanks.”

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