• BAMMA 11: Official Weigh-In Results

  • B11 Marshman v Professor Xlr 212x300 BAMMA 11: Official Weigh In ResultsBAMMA, presented by Go Daddy.com, is proud to announce the official weigh in results for tomorrow’s BAMMA 11 at Birmingham’s National Indoor Arena.

    All fighters made weight. Only James Doolan and Andy Green came heavier than agreed on the first count: Doolan weighed in at 136.5lbs  and Green at 146.5lbs. Both fighters were given an hour to lose a further 0.5; and both fighters returned at their agreed weight.

    The scales were overseen by referee, Marc Goddard.

    See below for the final weigh in results.


    Middleweight Bout

    Xavier Foupa Pokam 186lbs

    Jack Marshman 186 lbs

    Middleweight Bout

    Alex Reid 184.5 lbs

    Sam Bo0 181 lbs

    BAMMA Lonsdale British Welterweight Title Bout

    Warren Kee 170 lbs

    Tom Breese 169.5 lbs

    BAMMA Lonsdale British Lightweight Title Bout

    Steven Ray 155 lbs

    Dale Hardiman 154 lbs

    Light Heavyweight Bout

    Kevin Thompson 203 lbs

    Max Nunes 206 lbs

    Light Heavyweight Bout

    Marcin Lazarz 202.5 lbs

    Sam Mensah 201.5 lbs

    Bantamweight Bout

    James Doolan 136 lbs

    Spencer Hewitt 135 lbs

    Lightweight Bout

    Richie Downes  152.5 lbs

    Jeremy Petley 156 lbs

    Lightweight Bout

    Marc Allen 155 lbs

    Kyle Redfearn 155 lbs

    Featherweight Bout

    Andrew Fisher 145 lbs

    Andy Green 146 lbs

    Middleweight Bout

    Ben Constantine 179 lbs

    Yannick Bahati 182.5 lbs

    Bantamweight Bout

    David Farycki 135.5 lbs

    Bryan Creighton 134 lbs

    Welterweight Bout

    Jonny Bilton 169.5 lbs

    Leon Edwards 167.5 lbs

    Light Heavyweight Bout

    Thomas Denham 205 lbs

    Mike Neun 205 lbs

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