• Interview: Oli Thompson speaks ahead of his bout at MMC Fight Club 1

  • British heavyweight fighter Oli Thompson is set to face Damian Grabawski at MMC Fight Club 1, which takes place at London’s IndigO2 Arena on Dec. 16.

    The MMA Review (themmareview.co.uk) got the chance to talk with Oli Thompson about the upcoming bout, UFC, First Generation gym and more…

    Check out the interview:

    Jay Cee: ”Hi Oli, it’s great to have you on themmareview.co.uk. First lets talk about your upcoming bout at MMC Fight Club 1. You will be fighting Damian Grabawski in a heavyweight bout. What are your thoughts on Damian as an opponent? and how do you see the fight playing out?”

    Oli Thompson: ”I see Damian as the most talented guy I have fought to date, he’s never been stopped, so the fight may well be long and the winner will be the one that manages to take hold of the fight and stay on top.”

    Jay Cee: ”How is your fight camp and preparation going for the bout on Dec.16? Without giving too much away, have you been working on any specific areas of your fight game?”

    Oli Thompson: ”It’s been ok, it was fairly short notice, I have just continued on from my recent fight training. I am just working on my game in general and getting fit.”

    Jay Cee: ”I can imagine it must be quite exciting to headline the first ever MMC Fight Club event? Tell me a bit about your relationship with the promotion? I hear they have big things planned for 2013!”

    Oli Thompson: ”Definitely really excited to be headlining such a big new event! I really like the things Eddie Kone is doing and the plans they have. It’s very professional.”

    Jay Cee: ”I just want to touch on your time fighting with the UFC. You faced Shawn Jordan and Phil De Fries earlier this year. Although you lost those fights, you must have learned and experienced certain things that will help you to grow as a fighter going forward?”

    Oli Thompson: ”I didn’t learn anything from the De Fries fight, so many problems outside of MMA at the time but I wasn’t prepared to let the UFC, or Phil, down again after I got injured last year. The Jordan fight was a lot of fun, I went in there and for some reason I decided I was the fighter I always dream of being, instead of the one that won many fights and got me to the UFC! Not clever but a good fight still, and a fight I certainly could have won on another night. I have learnt that making dramatic changes to your training routine close to a big fight does not always work out the way you would like, and sometimes the tried and tested formula worked for a reason.”

    Jay Cee: ”I remember seeing some footage/pictures of you training with various UFC stars out in America. Tell me what it was like to train with those guys and different fighters from around the world?”

    Oli Thompson: ”I have been lucky to train with a few great and well known fighters, met some good people and seen different ways of training. Out in the U.S. I visited big gyms, and saw pro fighters training every day with great coaches. Including many heavyweights, they are very lucky to have that and it made me realize how tough it is to do this with the resources I have compared to guys surrounded by full time fighters and coaches. Having said that, I am also very blessed to have a few top coaches around me that are top class.”

    Jay Cee: ”Is your next goal to get yourself back into the UFC? or are you just focused on winning fights and seeing where it takes you?”

    Oli Thompson: ”No, returning to the UFC is not my next goal, but it should be a goal somewhere on every talented fighters list, as that’s where the majority of top fighters meet. I just want to have and win big fights and be able to pay my bills along the way.”

    Jay Cee: ”What is life like at First Generation? is there any up and coming talent in the gym that we should know about?”

    Oli Thompson: ”For a little known gym on the south coast, first gen has a lot of talent and a winners attitude. There are a few guys that will be making big waves in the coming year, and also head coach and pro fighter Tolly Plested who is going to have a massive year.”

    Jay Cee: ”I know you are currently focused on your fight with Damian, but is there anyone in particular that you would like to face in the future? any fighters on your radar?”

    Oli Thompson: ”Earlier in the year I challenged Mariusz Pudzianowski to a fight, although I have not had a response , I am aware he has recently said he would like this to happen. If that’s the case maybe we could do it early next year. Other than that I just want to remain busy and get a few big names in when possible.”

    Jay Cee: ”Well that about wraps it up Oli. Good luck at MMC Fight Club 1 and thanks a lot for taking the time to talk with me, I appreciate it. Please feel free to give any shout-outs to your people and sponsors etc.”

    Oli Thompson: ”Thank you, to my sponsor Athlete King, Poundout fight gear for working with me on this fight. My coaches Tolly Plested, Anthony Brown, Dani Vlad, Christian Vila, Kenny Moyston, and to the guys at ASW for helping me out.”

    Thanks again to Oli Thompson for the interview, I appreciate the time.

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