• SFL 13 ‘Night of Champions’ set to take place in Mumbai on Dec.14

  • Super Fight League Logo 300x272 SFL 13 Night of Champions set to take place in Mumbai on Dec.14Super Fight League is counting down to SFL 13, ‘Night of Champions’, an epic end of year finale where SFL stars battle it out to be crowned the first ever Super Fight League champions.  As always the SFL will air live on Neo Prime in India and streams live and free on YouTube at http://www.YouTube.com/SFL.

    Raj Kundra, CEO of SFL said: “SFL 13 is the culmination of many great fights and a lot of hard work by everyone here at Super Fight League.  None of this would be possible without the SFL team, the athletes, our sponsors and most of all the SFL fans who support us. While SFL 13 brings 2012 to an end it also sets the stage for a lot of exciting match-ups when SFL returns in 2013.”

    Dan Isaac, COO of SFL said “I have no favourites and I can’t make any predictions, this is Indian MMA at its best, these are the daredevils of Indian combat sports. Time to sit back and enjoy watching the Indian warriors show the world what they’re made of.”

    The Lightweight Challengers

    Starting off the title bouts will be a battle to be crowned the lightweight champion between Rajinder Singh Meena (2-0) and Sandeep Yadav (2-1). The former SFL Challengers contestants have both picked up two wins with SFL. The two know each other well from their time together on the reality TV show but will put friendship aside to battle for the title. Yadav steps in for the shot, replacing his recent conqueror, Sachin Bhatt, who is still recovering from the broken arm he sustained during his win against Yadav on SFL 11.

    You can see Rajinder’s SFL 5 impressive submission victory via Guillotine Choke in only a minute into the first round here -http://youtu.be/-jMf1abu0CM

    Witness Sandeep’s SFL 8 submission win via Rear Naked Choke in less than 0:45 here - http://youtu.be/rgOI5Nkyhw8

    Daring to face the Prodigy

    The featherweight title will be fought for by Bharat ‘Daring’ Kandare (2-1) against SFL’s hottest young talent, Narender Grewal (2-0). The 18 year old prodigy came into SFL unheralded but showed he is among the most talented fighters in his division with two stunning stoppage wins. Standing in his way is Bharat Khandare, a highly regarded grappler known throughout India for his excellent ground skills and his fearless style.

    Bharat’s SFL debut at SFL 2 showed his impactful entrance into the SFL via ground and pound with a first round victory that can be seen here - http://youtu.be/rgOI5Nkyhw8

    In addition to Narender’s high-level striking skill his devastating ground and pound was showcased at SFL 11 with this victory seen here - http://youtu.be/BwGEjpjJAqY

    The Dogfight

    In perhaps the most anticipated bout of the night, Anup ‘The Pitbull’ Kumar (3-1) and Manoj Chuhan (2-0) fight for SFL’s bantamweight title. Both are regarded as some of SFL’s most exciting fighters, known to go straight at opponents from the opening bell. Both are known for big slams and vicious ground-and-pound, so with the similarities it could be a case of who strikes first in what is going to be an electric fight.

    Following his SFL 2 victory Anup returned at SFL 3 and continued to showcase his developing talent, establishing himself as a dominant force within the SFL’s bantamweight division. You can see his SFL 2 first round victory here - http://youtu.be/R-LWpAGbGYo

    Manoj’s devastating ground and pound was showcased at his SFL 8 return after his SFL 4 debut victory and can be seen here -http://youtu.be/hRPrUBE9U9k

    The Classic; Striker vs Grappler

    Headlining the event will be knockout artist Bhabajeet Chowdhury and submission specialist Shyam Prasad. Chowdhury first gained recognition after his stunning spinning back kick KO win on his debut on SFL 4, before cementing his position at the top of SFL welterweight rankings with another brutal KO win on SFL 9. Meanwhile, Prasad has spent less than six minutes in the O-Zone cage on his way to wrapping up two submission wins on the very same shows. Now finally coming up against each other, it is a case of India’s best striker against India’s best grappler, in a bout that will bring a Bollywood twist to the classic MMA match up.
    Bhabajeet has become one of the most impressive finishers in the Super Fight League. His spinning back kick KO from SFL 4 can be seen here - http://youtu.be/280hWGkYdR4?t=14m46s and his SFL 9 KO seen here - http://youtu.be/dOD_e7vrdGI?t=6m6s

    Shyam’s submission win via Rear Naked Choke at SFL 4 can be seen here - http://youtu.be/G5jIjjN-NEU?t=12m and his win via Guillotine at SFL 9 seen here - http://youtu.be/EIGNv0Sf9CI?t=2m30s

    SFL promises to be a night of non-stop action and drama in a fitting end to a hugely successful year for Super Fight League and Indian MMA.

    Tune into SFL 13 on Friday December 14th 2012, streaming live on www.YouTube.com/SFL at 9:00 PM in Mumbai India, 7:30 AM in Los Angeles, 10:30 AM in New York, 11:30 PM in Hong Kong and 3:30 PM in London.

    SFL 13 Friday Fight Night Card – Night of Champions

    - SFL World Title Fight (Main Event): Bhabajeet Chowdhury vs Shyam Prasad (WW)
    - SFL World Title Fight: Manoj Chuhan vs Anup Kumar (BW)
    - SFL World Title Fight: Bharat Kandare vs Narender Grewal (FW)
    - SFL World Title Fight: Rajinder Singh Meena vs Sandeep Yadav (LW)
    - Mohamed Hassan Badawy vs Warren De Reuck (WW)
    - Monika v Manjit Kolekar (Female FW)
    - Rouhollah Eidehlouei v Jamshed Khan (WW)

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