• Ultimate Impact Cagefighting 9: Results and Recap

  • Picture 106 001 300x186 Ultimate Impact Cagefighting 9: Results and RecapUltimate Impact Cagefighting 9 “Vendetta” took place this past Saturday (February 23rd) at Leisure@Cheltenham in Cheltenham, England. The event featured some very exciting bouts and as usual a crowd full of passionate supporters and fans.

    In the nights main event we saw undefeated Ashley Beaumont crowned the new UIC welterweight champion after defeating Lee Caers with a triangle choke submission in the first round of their matchup.

    Picture 103 001 300x149 Ultimate Impact Cagefighting 9: Results and RecapIn the co-main event of the evening Mario Saeed won himself the UIC lightweight title by defeating Leon Rosser via armbar submission in the second round. Mario overcame adversity by surviving a very tough first round, where he found himself in more then one tight spot. Leon was able to control Mario on the ground for the majority of the round, but Mario’s ability to remain calm allowed him to evade any attempts by Rosser for a choke submission. The tables turned in the second round where Saeed was able to take top position and land some ground and pound, he followed this up with a successful armbar attempt which gave Rosser no option but to tap.

    Picture 55 001 300x266 Ultimate Impact Cagefighting 9: Results and RecapElsewhere on the card, Frank Fellows defeated Will Stephenson via third round KO in a matchup which can only be described as epic. Both fighters showed tremendous heart battling both on the feet and on the ground. In the first round both men mixed up their striking by throwing some nice punch and kick combinations, Stephenson scored a nice take-down and later in the round Fellows was able to work the clinch and land some nice knees before being taken down once more. The second round featured much of the same exciting action, but towards the latter half of the round it looked as if Frank was running out of gas after taking some punishment from Stephenson on the ground. As the third round got underway both men came out swinging, but Fellows found an opening and began to punish Stephenson with a a barrage of uppercuts and strikes ending with a knockout blow which sent Stephenson to the ground.

    Another notable result was Harry McLeman’s first round submission victory over knockout artist Sam Mensah. Harry was able to avoid Sam’s power from the offset, get the fight to the ground and sink in the rear naked choke.

    The full Ultimate Impact Cagefighting 9 “Vendetta” results are below:

    - Harry Davis def. Ryan Legge via Submission (RNC) – Rnd. 3 – 1:05
    - Sam Osmond def. Tom Harris via TKO (Strikes) – Rnd. 2 – 2:50
    - Konrad Ozechowski def. Dorion Fielder via Doctors Stoppage (Injury) – Rnd. 1 – 0:33
    - Simon Newland def. Jakub Lebkowski via Unanimous Decision – Rnd. 3 – 3:00
    - Mitch Stevens def. Lukasz Falkowski via KO (Punches) – Rnd. 1 – 1:33
    - Carl Swaby def. Joe Newnes via Unanimous Decision – Rnd. 3 – 3:00
    - Lukasz Marcinkoweski def. Matt Phillips via Unanimous Decision – Rnd. 3 – 3:00
    - Chris Astley def. Dean Wills via Unanimous Decision – Rnd. 3 – 3:00
    - Frank Fellows def. Will Stephenson via KO (Punches) – Rnd. 3 – 0:40
    - Gavin Rosevear def. Scott Hamilton via TKO (Punches) – Rnd. 1 – 1:47
    - Ben Constantine def. Kester Mamba via Submission (Arm Triangle) – Rnd. 2 – 1:05
    - Stuart Austin def. Stu Furay via Submission (Kimura) – Rnd. 1:51
    - Harry McLeman def. Sam Mensah via Submission (RNC) – Rnd. 1 – 3:32
    - Mario Saeed def. Leon Rosser via Submission (Armbar) – Rnd. 2 – 4:03 – UIC LW Title
    - Ashley Beaumont def. Lee Caers via Submission (Triangle Choke) – Rnd. 1 – 1:52 – UIC WW Title

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