• The MMA Review ‘Babe of the Month’ for September 2013: Sarah Kay Butcher

  • Sarah 4 200x300 The MMA Review Babe of the Month for September 2013: Sarah Kay ButcherHi guys, I’m bringing our “Babe of the Month” feature back with a bang this month! It’s my pleasure to introduce you to model and “Modelling Network Minx” member, Sarah Kay Butcher, who is The MMA Review’s September babe! Enjoy!

    Jay Cee:  Hi Sarah, I am really glad to have you here on themmareview.co.uk as our September “Babe Of The Month”! How are you doing?

    Sarah: Hey! I’m great thanks! It’s so exciting, can’t believe I’ve been picked as “Babe of the Month”!

    Jay Cee: You are part of the “Modelling Network Minx” team, tell me how that all came about? and what it is like working with Duncan Brown?

    Sarah: Duncan’s lovely, he’s just so easy to work with and such a laugh to be around. I got to know him through the Modelling Network when I first got into modelling, with his help I started landing shoots with well known photographers and now I’m a “Model Network Minx”. There’s never a dull moment when working with him and he always tries his best to make sure we’re all happy.

    Jay Cee: What is your favorite thing about the job?

    Sarah: My favorite thing about the job is the excitement of being a part of it all and the atmosphere. It’s a great way of meeting new people and getting my name out there. It’s so much fun to be involved.

    Sarah 3 200x300 The MMA Review Babe of the Month for September 2013: Sarah Kay ButcherJay Cee: It must be quite exciting to meet new people all the time including the fans and fighters. Do you have any funny stories or a memorable moment from an event that you can share with us?

    Sarah: Well I’m only just starting out as a ring girl so have yet to work an event but watch this space, I’m sure I’ll have a few stories up my sleeve in no time.

    Jay Cee: Outside of being a ring-girl are you an actual fan of MMA? If so, who is your favorite fighter?

    Sarah: Yeah I love it, and not just because of the half naked fighters haha, it’s the kind of sport that has you at the edge of your seat the whole time! Dan Hardy is hands down my favourite fighter.

    Jay Cee: I have been asked by quite a few female readers how they could become ring girls. What advice would you give to any young women looking to get into that line of work?

    Sarah: Thankfully I had Duncan’s help through the Modelling Network but honestly it’s all about confidence and determination. If you have that then you can achieve anything, and if someone knocks you down, get up and try again.

    Jay Cee: Tell me a bit about what else you do outside of being a ring girl Sarah? I have seen some amazing pictures of you, is modelling something you do full-time or just something on the side?

    Sarah 1 200x300 The MMA Review Babe of the Month for September 2013: Sarah Kay ButcherSarah: Aww..thank you! I only do modelling part-time as I work full-time running a shoe concession along with a part-time job as a barmaid. I love what I do, each thing is rewarding in completely different ways. In all my jobs I get to meet new people all the time, which is something I love doing, and because I’m so easy to get on with it suits my personality perfectly.

    Jay Cee: What would you say is your best asset body-wise?

    Sarah: Many would say my eyes, but I think it would have to be my legs, it’s all about the legs!

    Jay Cee: Describe yourself in three words?

    Sarah: The Complete Package

    Jay Cee: Great, well that about wraps it up Sarah. Thanks again for taking some time out to be our September “Babe Of The Month” and good luck for the future! If there are any shout-out’s or thank you’s you would like to do, please go ahead…

    Sarah: Thanks Jay. I just want to do a shout-out to Duncan for helping me to get where I am today and to all the “Modelling Network Minxs”. Also a big shout-out and thank you to Stacey Clarke Kiss Photography and Scott Cole Photography for my amazing photos. Catch me soon at an MMA event near you!!

    Thanks again to Sarah Kay Butcher for being our September babe! We appreciate the time.

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    Cheers guys,

    Jay Cee – @JayCeeMMA

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