• Product Review: Bad Boy Pro Series 2.0 Gel MMA Gloves

  • Bad Boy Pro Series 2 256x300 Product Review: Bad Boy Pro Series 2.0 Gel MMA GlovesBad Boy UK recently sent us a pair of their new Bad Boy Pro Series 2.0 Gel MMA Gloves to review. This is one of the latest products released by the Bad Boy brand, so we were definitely keen to give them a try. Also, having used the series 1 version of these gloves in the past, we were anxious to see what improvements and features this new glove would bring to the table.

    First of all we took a look at the style and appearance, which is very simple and bold in colour, but very stylish and eye-catching in design. Made with high-quality engineered leather, these gloves are durable and definitely feel like they would stand the test of time. The matte black logo on the wrist strap looks great, giving the design a slick edge that is missing in many MMA gloves. Also, the silver logo located on top of the gel padding that covers the knuckles compliments the overall design and looks fantastic. Lastly, the velcro wrist strap provides an ample amount of support, leaving you safe and worry-free whilst training.

    In regards to the fit of the gloves, they feel really comfortable and are noticeably snug and secure. A major difference that I noticed in these gloves compared to the old series 1 design is that they have added gel padding protection for the back of the hand and the thumb, which is a wise improvement that protects the whole hand, rather then just the knuckle and four fingers. Also, The added safety on the back on the hand really comes in handy when blocking kicks and strikes to the head.

    Bad Boy Pro Series 2 palm 258x300 Product Review: Bad Boy Pro Series 2.0 Gel MMA GlovesThe first thing I think when I see lots of padding is that it could restrict movement, but that was not the case with these gloves. We used the gloves whilst grappling and focusing on Jiu Jitsu, and found that they didn’t restrict mobility, in fact they offered quite a lot of freedom. The gloves also provided excellent grip and remained secure whilst rolling, which is great.

    Now, the area where the Bad Boy Pro Series 2.0 Gel MMA Gloves really excel is the striking department. The impact protection provided by the gel padding leaves the user feeling confident and safe whilst throwing power shots. The padding helps to protect your hands, and provides adequate impact absorption during hard sparring and competition. With continued use I can see these gloves becoming even more comfortable and form-fitting, which is a testament to the fact that this product has been intelligently designed for real MMA athletes.

    Overall this product gets the thumbs up. Bad Boy have definitely taken a step forward with this glove, incorporating a high-quality design with gel padding technology, and improving safety for the wearer. I am a self-confessed fan of plain designs and I think the straight forward logo placement coupled with the black leather has a classic feel suitable for any fighter or gym. If you are looking to update your kit then you should definitely consider adding these gloves to your arsenal, we are quite sure you won’t be disappointed.

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    A big thanks to Bad Boy UK for sending us the product to try!

    Jay Cee – @themmareview

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