• Dana White thinks Vince McMahon is a ‘Maniac’ *VIDEO*

  • In a recent interview on The Arsenio Hall Show, UFC president Dana White spoke about the WWE and it’s owner Vince McMahon. When he was asked about a past challenge McMahon had issued to him asking to fight/wrestle him at either a UFC/WWE event, Dana explained that his response was “You’re a maniac.”

    Earlier in the interview, when discussing the similarities between the UFC and the WWE, White praised McMahon saying “He’s been a guy who has revolutionized the pay-per-view business and many other things.” He then went on to say. “If you are a fan of  WWE, you’re into soap operas,” White also said. “Everybody knows, it’s fake,”

    People are always comparing the UFC to the WWE and one of the main reasons for this is because they share a similar demographic of viewers, which is mostly 18-34 year old males. That said, as the sport continues to grow more females are getting into the sport and also people of different ages.

    A lot of people who watch the WWE in their teen’s and early twenties eventually shift their attention over to the UFC, some may watch both, but a lot of older viewers want to watch something that is not scripted, a combat sport.

    During the interview White touched on this point saying “If you’re a fan of the UFC, you’re a fan of combat sports and you probably like boxing.”

    When competing for viewers and fans there will always be a small element of rivalry involved. I personally think that competition is healthy.

    Watch the section of the interview where Dana White talks about the WWE and McMahon below:

    *Video Courtesy: The Arsenio Hall Show / Courtesy CBS Television Distribution*

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