• Interview: Amanda Kelly speaks ahead of Cage Warriors 64

  • Amanda Kelly is a female MMA fighter and kickboxer who trains out of KO Muay Thai Gym in London. She will be facing Laura Howarth at Cage Warriors 64, which is set to take place at The Forum in Kentish Town, London, on February 15th. We got the chance to catch up with Amanda ahead of her upcoming bout.

    Jay Cee: Hi Amanda, great to have you on TheMMAReview.co.uk! We are days away from your fight with Laura Howarth at Cage Warriors 64. Are you excited about making your second appearance on a CWFC fight card?

    Amanda: Thanks for interviewing me! I can’t wait to make my next appearance on Cage Warriors, it’s a great promotion to be part of. I’m looking forward to getting in there again. I’m sure me and Laura will put on a good fight.

    Jay Cee: Do you know much about your opponent Laura Howarth?

    Amanda: I know that Laura is a strong and well rounded fighter. She was in the eliminations for the TUF house and has more MMA experience. I’ve watched a few fights an know she is quite an evasive fighter in the stand up and that she likes the ground and pound. I’m also aware that she has changed gyms recently so may have adapted her style.

    Jay Cee: I was in attendance at Cage Warriors 60 on October 5th, 2013, where you defeated Hannah Stephens via first round KO. I was seated behind a group of KO Gym supporters, who did a great job of cheering you on. It was clear to see that your team have a good relationship with one another, tell me about some of the fighters and coaches you work with at KO Muay Thai Gym?

    Amanda: The guys and girls from KO are ace! They are very supportive for the fight and in the build ups, I’m lucky to be part of a strong team and gym. My main coach is Bill Judd he is the one who decides on my fight strategies and oversees my training. My ground coach is James Duncalf who has helped me progress with me ground game. The two main fighters I have trained with for this build up have been Theo Michailidis and Abdul Yassine, they train with me and give me advice. I’m lucky to have all of these people involved and pushing me to progress.

    Jay Cee: In the fight against Hannah Stephens you were very effective with your clinch game, knees and short elbows. You were more aggressive then your opponent, constantly pushing forward and attacking. Do you prefer to fight this way or was the high-pressure game something you had planned on implementing?

    Amanda: I’m often described as having an aggressive and relentless fighting style, I think those are pretty fair descriptions. For my fight with Hannah high pressure was part of the strategy. I’m lucky in that when I’m training we are trained to fight different strategies, so we can alter my game plan depending on the fighter. I think it’s important to be able to adapt, each fight is different and brings different challenges.

    Jay Cee: How has the fight camp for your upcoming bout gone?

    Amanda: The fight camp has gone well. I came back after Christmas and knew there would be a fight soon so got started straight away. I’ve been training hard and learning new tricks from my coaches!

    Jay Cee: What sort of things will you be doing during the days leading up to CWFC 64 to prepare mentally?

    Amanda: I start preparing mentally way before those last few days, working through a bit of visualisation. Also I take a very practical approach, me and my coaches will work through what is to be done in the sessions and as long as I know I’ve done all my sessions it means I feel prepared mentally and physically. In the final few days all the hard work is done, it’s more about my routine at this point. I will finish on the Wednesday and then pretty much chill, check my weight and then I have a little routine for weigh in and fight day. I’m very much a routine creature around fight time, I think its important for me mentally.

    Jay Cee: What is the weight cutting process like for you? Do you need to cut a lot to make 135 lbs?

    Amanda: I cut gradually from around 145lbs. I prefer to get as close as possible without cutting a lot in the last week. My nutritionist Freddy Brown, has worked through a plan with me and I stick within it, it makes sure that I cut gradually whilst maintaining energy to train and preventing injuries.

    Jay Cee: Aside from Mixed Martial Arts, what do you like to do in your spare time?

    Amanda: A lot of time goes into the MMA, haha. But other than that I hang out with friends and family and do all the things that normal people do. I like to visit different places, watch box-sets, have a strange addiction to glossy magazines and a lot of things orientate around food, I like to bake and cook but that doesn’t work so well during fight camps!

    Jay Cee: What are your goals for 2014?

    Amanda: I’m looking forward to continuing my fights with Cage Warriors and I’d like to become their no.1 female at 135lbs. I also hope to progress to fighting some of the top names in the sport.

    Jay Cee: Lastly, how do you predict your fight with Laura Howarth will end?

    Amanda: Predictions are hard to make there are a lot of variables in the sport. I would say that it will be an aggressive fight and is unlikely to go the 3 rounds.

    Jay Cee: Ok, great. Thanks for taking some time out to talk with me Amanda and good luck at Cage Warriors 64. If there any sponsors or people you would like to shout-out or thank, please go ahead and do that now…

    Amanda: Obviously a big thank you to my coaches and training partners, as well as all the guys and girls at KO who always show their support. Also Freddy Brown for his nutrition advice and Ben Ludlow my osteopath who is responsible for curing all my aches and pains. Fairtex who provide all of my training equipment. And finally my friends and family who are always supportive.

    Thanks again to Amanda Kelly for the time, I appreciate it.

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