• Alistair Overeem has been released by Strikeforce!


    News has recently emerged that the Strikeforce heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem has been released by the organization. This seems to be the end result of a stream of issues that Alistair has had with the promotion recently starting with him being cut from the Heavyweight Grand Prix. Overeem was going to be facing Antonio “bigfoot” Silva in the semi-finals but withdrew due to a broken toe. We now come to find that he has been released by the promotion full stop. This would lead me to think that the winner of the Heavyweight Grand Prix may be gifted the title of heavyweight champion but we will see what happens. I am a fan of Alistair and I am sure we still have a lot more to see of him in MMA. There is also speculation that this could be a move by Zuffa to get Overeem over to the UFC but nothing is yet confirmed. We will see what happens next and I will keep you informed as soon as any information becomes available.


    Thanks Guys,


    Jay Cee.