• Arianny Got Beef

  • Hours before Ronda Rousey’s bout with Sara McMann at UFC 170 on the weekend, head octagon girl Arianny Celeste took to MMA Junkie Radio to share her crucial piece of wisdom on Rousey’s abilities. Speaking about the third-time UFC champion’s recent interview with Maxim, Arianny said of Ronda, “I don’t really like the way she carries herself. I don’t think she’s a good role model for women.”

    Erm, WTF?! This is the question I managed to articulate after I’d finished almost wetting myself with laughter. I know you’re thinking, ‘Hold on woman, you JUST wrote about Ronda’s stinking attitude and how much you can’t wait for her to lose – what’s with the change of heart?’ Don’t get me wrong. I stand by what I said. I want to see some new fight talent, new personalities and a much better level of sportsmanship in women’s MMA. But one thing no one can argue with is that there are few people who are better role models to women than Ronda Rousey.

    Her trail-blazing determination and skill made it impossible for Dana White to keep this incredible fighter out of the UFC any longer just because she was a woman. Rousey has been continually outspoken about how young girls need to realise that their bodies were made for so much more than just being looked at and evaluated for hotness. And she celebrated her own sexuality by posing nude for ESPN’s body issue because it’s part of who she is – not to give the boys a fantasy playmate.

    But I guess the beef between Rousey and Celeste was always going to happen because they’re leaders in two different industries that have no business being in the same arena. Don’t get me wrong; I think Arianny deserves acknowledgment for clearly enjoying her ability to express her sexuality while at the same time making a successful living and a satisfying career out of doing so. But the bottom line is that any person who makes money and a career by marketing their sexuality to an audience, viewer, or paying customer is in the field of sex work! Which I’ve got no problem with – but sex work does not belong in sport! And fellas, there’s nothing wrong with appreciating a woman you’re attracted to so long as it’s done with respect. But there are a million XXX places where you can go to get your kicks now. Surely men have moved on from needing to watch a sex show and a knockout before they can knock one out themselves??

    Anywaaay, getting back to the whole role model thing: lord knows that young women have plenty to choose from if they want to earn money from having their bodies looked at and consumed for sexual pleasure – all they need to do is turn on a damn TV or read a magazine. But when it comes to finding a role model who can challenge every notion about what the female body can do?  I’m sorry Celeste, but Ronda’s out there on her own.

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    Shaheen Hashmat is a writer and social commentator who has been training in kickboxing for two years and BJJ for one. Hailing from Premier Mixed Martial Arts in West London, Shaheen is particularly interested in women’s MMA and the growing UK fight scene.

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