• Is the UFC becoming more popular then Boxing?


    I thought I would do a post on this topic as it is something I find very interesting as a debate. I also know that many MMA fans and boxing fans have their own opinions on this topic. Here are my views…


    I believe that the UFC has become more popular then boxing because it is a more rounded sport. For the modern day fight fan boxing has become to one dimensional. Boxing only allows for punches to be thrown. I do know that to be a good boxer it takes a tremendous amount of skill and many hours of training and hard work in the gym. This in itself demands respect and I think you would find that many UFC and MMA fans would agree boxing is a form of combat or fighting that will always be respected throughout the world. In fact many if not every UFC fighter has trained in boxing at some point in their career. Both MMA and Boxing are regulated sports with rules, but I feel that MMA instantly gives the viewer more variety and the feeling that an actual fight is happening in which many different styles may be used and incorporated for a fighter to be victorious.


    A boxer can only throw punches as a form of attack. There are many different types of punches that can be thrown but ultimately it is all stand up based fighting where punches are thrown and the body is used in different ways to block or avoid these punches. UFC on the other hand is completely different offering many different disciplines and styles for example a Brazilian Jujitsu fighter may face a Judo or Karate fighter. The fights can also involve many different levels of combat. The fight can be fought while standing or it can go to the ground where and entirely new set of situations and outcomes for the fight can arise. Fighters can be submitted or knocked out. UFC fighters need to be able to handle the fight in any possible area of the octagon, whether it be on the ground or standing up. I think this is what makes the sport so exciting.


    I have actually been to a UFC fan expo and live UFC events and I had a great time. There is nothing better then experiencing live UFC action for a fight fan. I can see UFC expanding to major levels in the future as the sport is constantly growing and evolving across the globe. Unfortunately I cannot say the same for Boxing. I believe there will always be a place in the sporting world for boxing, but there is only so far it can go and I feel it may already have hit it’s peak. In saying that I do also think that people like David Haye for example bring back an exciting edge to boxing which was seen in the past with such legends as Muhammad Ali and the way he talked up fights. We do not see this as much these days in boxing, but I think that as long as young exciting boxers keep coming through and maing the sport interesting it can still be successful. To sum this up the UFC gets my vote for the future and I can see it growing to become the world leader in regards to a combat sport. As for boxing…..it is boxing and always will be boxing.


    Thanks guys.


    I would be interested to hear your comments.


    Jay Cee.