• Mike Brown Vs Nam Phan at UFC 133


    MMA veteran Mike Brown will take on Ultimate Fighter season 12 participant Nam Phan at UFC 133. I am really looking forward to this featherweight bought as reports suggest that Brown could consider retirement if he suffers a loss on the night. Mike Brown is a former WEC champion and very experienced. Unfortunately he has lost his last two fights for the UFC and we all know the danger this represents to a fighters career within the organization. This really is do or die for Mike and I am sure he will be 100% ready to go on the night. Ultimate Fighter Nam Phan has only had one fight in the UFC in which he lost an extremely controversial decision to Leonard Garcia. Many felt that Phan should have been granted the victory but it wasn’t to be. Nam Phan will be looking to wipe the slate clean and establish himself within the UFC with a victory over MMA veteran and former champion Mike Brown. I can’t wait!


    Thanks Guys,


    Jay Cee.