• MMA in Australia: Fight Calendar and more…


    Hope you are well. Due to the popularity of my first post about the MMA scene in Australia I have decided to give you guys updates and information as much as I can. I would like to thank my friend Shannon at Fight World Cup for keeping me up to date with all of the great things that are going on in Australia.


    Today I am going to tell you about an Australian website: www.fightcalendar.com.au – Now this website provides fans and people involved with MMA in Australia with the opportunity to list promotions, events and information online. This provides a great opportunity for up and coming fighters and promotions to get their name out and is also great for helping to grow the sport as a whole.


    MMA has a solid base in Australia and these guys seem to be promoting the right message about the sport. It is great to see positive things happening for MMA all over the globe. I am based in the UK and mainly hear about what is happening on the US and UK scene, so it is really refreshing to see people on the other side of the planet that are on the same page and really want to help grow the reputation and popularity of the sport.


    That is all for this update guys. I hope you enjoyed it and I will give you as much information as I can on the scene is Australia as and when I get it. Once again I would like to thank Shannon over at Fight World Cup doing big things for MMA.


    Take care guys.


    Jay Cee.