• Interview with UK featherweight Jeff Lawson!

  • Jeff Lawson 1 200x300 Interview with UK featherweight Jeff Lawson!

    Check out my interview with MMA fighter Jeff Lawson….

     Jay Cee: “Hi Jeff, Hope you are well. You have been involved with MMA for a while now, tell me a bit about what got you into MMA? and what you did before starting your MMA career?”

     Jeff Lawson: “Well I started my career in 2000 with a small am circuit. With very little striking (running front kick and superman punch) I did very well submitting all ten of my opponents with my now trademark armbar. It just snowballed from there really, I got calls about fighting and people who were in the game already looked to put me on. I just used to take fights left right and centre, relying completely on my grappling and judo skills. This all worked really well back in the day.”

     Jay Cee: “If I am correct your last fight was against Hatsu Hioki over in Japan. Please tell us a bit about how this Sengoku fight came about? and also what it was like to fight in Japan?”

     Jeff Lawson: “To fight in Japan was a dream come true and to face a man of Hioki’s calibre was amazing. I went out all guns blazing as the heavy underdog and his skills proved to be far better than I expected. He has to be one of the tallest feathers around.”

     Jay Cee: “What is the most memorable fight in your career so far? and why?”

     Jeff Lawson: “The Japan fight was great for the opportunity, but the Greg Loughran fight put me firmly on the UK scene. Also a local fight with Rodrigo Arujo made my name here in my home town.”

    Jeff Lawson 2 300x200 Interview with UK featherweight Jeff Lawson!

     Jay Cee: “What gym do you train at? and what is your favorite part of training?”

     Jeff Lawson: “I train at my own gym (Ippon Gym) in Bournemouth. My favorite part about training has to be the grappling and getting my Judo to work. There is still something about a really clean throw that sends your opponent flying.”

     Jay Cee: “MMA continues to grow and get bigger all over the globe which is great for the sport. It is especially getting more popular over here in the UK with organizations like BAMMA putting on quality events. What is your opinion on the state of MMA in the UK at the moment? and where do you see it going in the future?”

     Jeff Lawson: “To be honest I dunno. It has to be more mainstream and the more press we get the better. BAMMA is putting on really great shows now and a lot of fighters aspire to get into that show.”

     Jay Cee: “Who is your favorite MMA fighter past or present? And why?”

     Jeff Lawson: “Past has to be Fred Ettish…legend! The present would still be Aoki, his Jiu Jitsu game is amazing! But thinking about it Genki Sudo is the man! I love the way he fights, the MMA world needs another Genki.”

     Jay Cee: “Lastly….Where can we expect to see Jeff Lawson in say 2 years time? What are your goals for the future?”

     Jeff Lawson: “I think I will be firmly in to coaching at my academy although I still want to compete in the masters at BJJ, maybe even going to the worlds next year!”

     Jay Cee: “Ok, great! Thanks for taking part in the interview Jeff, I appreciate it! Good luck for the future.”

     The End

     Hope you enjoyed that guys!

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