• Interview with BAMMA ring girl Georgia Graham!

  • Georgia Graham 3 243x300 Interview with BAMMA ring girl Georgia Graham!

    Check out my interview with BAMMA ring girl Georgia Graham…..


    Jay Cee: “Hi Georgie, Hope you are well. I am aware you have been modeling for a few years now. Can you tell me a bit about what you did before becoming a Bamma girl? and how you got into being a ring girl?”


    Georgia: “Hey, hope you are well too! Thanks for interviewing me! I’ve always worked as a promotions model since about the age of 18 doing mainly motor-sport. It was right place, right time when Bamma spotted my pictures on a website from working at a red carpet event promoting an energy drink.”


    Jay Cee: “What is your favorite part about being a ring girl?”


    Georgia: “That’s a tough question as I love all aspects of my job! I love getting to be at all the fights watching them as well as working at them! I generally just enjoy working for Bamma, they’re a really nice bunch of people to work for.”


    Jay Cee: “What is your most memorable moment at a BAMMA event? and why?”


    Georgia: “Probably when Tom “Kong” Watson beat Ninja as the atmosphere in the arena was just amazing!! I feel very lucky to have walking on the champion that is Mr Watson, along with his funny dance moves that I really didn’t expect!”


    Jay Cee: “I have spoken to a lot of different ring girls and I am always surprised by how many are genuine fans of MMA. Are you an MMA fan yourself? or is it more of a job to you?”


    Georgia: “I am a genuine fan yes, I love MMA so much so I train in it myself doing two sessions a week with a trainer. Nothing beats sitting ring side watching a fight!”


    Georgia Graham 1 1024x525 Interview with BAMMA ring girl Georgia Graham!

    Jay Cee: “Who is your favorite MMA fighter? and why?”


    Georgia: “Too many to choose from! I respect every MMA fighter as the sport is a tough one, training in it has taught me that! Mostly all MMA fighters I have met too are really lovely guys so I couldn’t say just one!”


    Jay Cee: “What advice or tips you would give to any young women looking to get into becoming a ring girl or modeling?”


    Georgia: “That it’s not easy! It took me 2/3 years to get into such a brilliant job, it’s not something that will be handed to you, you have to work and work hard for it! I always say follow your heart though, stay determined and don’t let anyone try shatter your dreams or bring you down! Also, always smile, be polite and remember those who help you out.”


    Jay Cee: “Last question…..What are your goals/plans for the future?”


    Georgia: “To make it bigger than Arianny – a girl can dream! I just plan to keep working hard, keep smiling and enjoying life! I’m a very spontaneous person so I never usually have a set plan, I go with the flow and have fun!”


    Jay Cee: “Well that’s it Georgia, thanks for taking part in the interview. Good luck for the future!”


    The End


    You can check out Georgia Graham via the following websites:


    Website: www.georgia-graham.com

    Bamma: Click here to view Georgia’s Bamma Profile

    Twitter: twitter.com/LittleGeorgieG


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    Jay Cee.