• Product Review: Reevo R9 War Hammer Sparring Gloves

  • Reevo Gloves 2 300x230 Product Review: Reevo R9 War Hammer Sparring Gloves

    I was recently sent a pair of gloves to review by my good friends over at Zengu.com. The gloves I will be looking at are a pair of Reevo R9 War Hammer Sparring Gloves….

    Style and Appearance

    These gloves really do look great. The pair I have are made with a black base colour for most of the glove with a green Reevo logo, the thumb is white and also the R9 print. The way the design on the glove is put together looks really slick. This particular pair are 16oz genuine leather gloves and you can feel the quality as soon as you touch them.


    Reevo Gloves 3 1024x449 Product Review: Reevo R9 War Hammer Sparring Gloves

    Technical Design and Fit

    I will start by talking about one of my favorite features of this glove which is the fantastic support that the gloves give to your wrists. This particular pair has a horizontal dual strap system in place which instantly gives the wearer a feeling of wrist safety and support without the loss of comfort. On the top-side of the strap you will also find another nifty Reevo logo which again looks great. The combination of your hand-wraps and this quality dual strap system will ensure low chances of sustaining a wrist injury while training.

    The glove compartment is spacious but not loose allowing for optimum comfort. The same can be said for the thumb section which is not excessively tight, but still fully protected which will prevent any unnecessary damage to the fingers.


    Reevo Gloves 1 300x220 Product Review: Reevo R9 War Hammer Sparring Gloves

    Performance and Functionality

    In actual use these gloves are excellent. The 3 layer foam padding within the glove ensures both the safety of you and your sparring partner. They allow for high performance sparring and give a firm feel, but at the same time they do not hurt your sparring partner in the process. The gloves also have air vents built in to keep your hands cool during sessions. The R9 War Hammer gloves are primarily made for sparring but in practice I found that the gloves were also good for pad and bag-work. When throwing hard punches the foam within the gloves absorb the shock efficiently lessening the risk of injury.

    Overall Analysis

    Overall I found these Reevo R9 War Hammer Sparring Gloves to be of great quality. The design is very stylish and the colours used go well together. I cannot comment much on the durability as I simply haven’t had the gloves long enough, but I can tell you that they are genuine leather and well put together with a firm fit. They are great for any fighter looking for a top quality pair of sparring gloves. I am sure anyone who purchases these gloves will not be disappointed.

    Remember to check out: http://www.zengu.com/

    Thanks again to you the readers, Reevo and my friends at Zengu.com

    Take care.

    Jay Cee.