• Product Review: Light Force Greens

  • LF1 257x300 Product Review: Light Force GreensI was kindly sent a sample of a dietary supplement named Light Force Greens by my friend James over at JMB Nutrition to trial and review. I was really excited to be trying this product out as it is something that many people had told me about. I have friends that have experimented with different greens and herbs by growing them at home and juicing them etc but this particular supplement contains many different leaves, grass and herbs but in a form that is very easy to process quickly and efficiently.

    The supplement comes in a powdered form allowing you to mix it with water to make a refreshing drink. It is recommended that you take 1 scoop of the Light Force Greens with approx 400ml of water one/two times per day.

    The supplement has many benefits but mainly helps to boost your energy levels and metabolism while also acting as an effective antioxidant. The product helps to rid your body of free radicals and also alkalize your body’s pH levels which is very important for your body’s immune system when trying to prevent diseases and illness. Because of the many health benefits associated with this supplement it is suitable for anyone looking to improve their general health and wellbeing.

    I was sent a 4 day trial of this supplement. Here is my day-by-day story of how it went:

    Day 1

    It is Monday which is the most important day of the week. I start my trial of the Light Force Greens today and can’t wait. It is 7 am I start the day by putting 1 scoop of the powder into one of my shaker bottles that I would normally use for whey protein or other supplements of that nature. I fill the bottle up with 400ml of cold water and shake for approx 30-40 seconds, pop the cap off and knock back the drink. Instantly you can taste that it is not a smooth drink with no content, for example like drinking a glass of milk or water on it’s own. Consistency wise it is more like drinking fresh orange juice that contains the orange bits. I like this as it feels very natural and fresh. The taste is very different to anything I have tried before leaving me unable to say if I liked it or not, it was just different. As a few hours passed and I carry on with my day as normal I start to get a heightened feeling of awareness and sharpness. I put this down to the additional and different energy that my body has just taken on board and continue to feel this way for the rest of the day. The evening comes and it is nearly time for me to hit the gym, on recommendation I take another helping of the supplement 30 mins before my workout. Normally I would down an energy drink but I replace this with the Lightforce Greens instead. Today I was working on chest and I have to say that I noticeably felt like I had a lot more energy when doing the last few reps of each set. Maybe I was thinking about it too much, trying to notice a difference but I honestly felt stronger and noticed I could get more out of my workout. This is only day one and I am seeing some benefits which is great. What will tomorrow hold…?

    Day 2

    I take the greens in the morning again setting myself up for the day. This particular morning I feel high in energy very quickly, I feel very awake almost like I have had a coffee…but I haven’t. One thing I start to do on this second day is ensuring that I have a pack on chewing gum on me at all times. In the morning a few hours after taking the greens, having brushed my teeth etc. I was doing some pretty grassy burps…not nice. My evening gym session today was very productive. I did some weight training on my arms and also did some cardio. Now the most notable thing about my gym session today was that normally after doing 20-30 mins on the treadmill I fell very tired and puffed out etc. But today I felt like I had a lot more endurance and the energy to carry on, almost like my body wanted to push itself. Now sometimes I do get this feeling anyway. I guess some days you just have more energy then others. But rather then put it down to coincidence I have to take into consideration the change I have introduced to my diet. I strongly feel that the supplement was behind this extra energy and it felt good.

    Day 3LF2 201x300 Product Review: Light Force Greens

    It is the third day of my trial and I am feeling great. I took my helping of the Light Force Greens in the morning and feel fresh and energized throughout the day. This feeling is starting to become normal which is a massive benefit to my everyday well being. I like the feeling and see no reason to want to stop it, just by taking a healthy and natural supplement made from various types of organic herbs, grasses and leaves I can enhance my general energy levels. I have to say I am very impressed. Today is a rest day for me so I do not take a second helping today and I do not go to the gym so nothing extra to report on that front.

    Day 4

    It is day four of my trial meaning it is the last day. As each day has gone by the taste of the greens drink has become better. It is not a taste I can say I really enjoy a lot but as I am getting used to it I notice a slightly sweet taste hidden within the drink. I think the fact that this product tastes the way it does almost compliments it, at the end of the day you are drinking greens…they are not meant to taste like strawberries and cream…lol. I take my morning drink and go through most of my day with a spring in my step born from the new found energy that I now have. It reaches the evening and take my second helping again 30 mins before I begin my session allowing enough time for the greens to get into my bloodstream. Today we will be working on the back. This is an area of the body I find drains a lot of energy so I hope the greens can help and they do. I almost feel like Popeye after he has taken his spinach…lol. I am not saying this is a miracle product but it definitely gives you additional natural energy that can really boost the effectiveness of your workouts. I feel very strong while doing my dead-lifts and still have enough energy reserved to effectively complete the rest of my workout with maximum output. A great end to the trial and a very interesting four days!

    LF3 170x300 Product Review: Light Force GreensOverall Analysis

    Overall looking back at the four day trial I did with the Light Force Greens it was very effective as a supplement. I definitely felt that I had more energy making me feel a lot better and much more healthy in general. I would much rather take this natural product now instead of some other products I would normally use like energy drinks/sweets to boost my energy. The ingredients within the product provide so many additional benefits to your health that it would seem silly not to have this product in your cupboard. As this was only a four day trial I cannot comment on any of the long term health benefits of the product but from the small amount of time I was taking the supplement I can only view those benefits as an added bonus. I definitely want to get some more of this product and see how it goes. To sum it up, if you are looking for a natural and organic way to boost your energy, health and metabolism Light Force Greens is the product to do this for you. I was very impressed with the results and would recommend trying this product for yourself.

     The End


    Thanks again to James Baker for giving me the chance to try out the Light Force Greens.

    If you are interested in buying some Light Force Greens please visit – http://www.jmbnutrition.co.uk/

    I hope you enjoyed that readers!

    Thanks guys,

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