• The MMA Review “Babe Of The Month” for April 2012: Isobel Jackson

  • Robyn 1 Edit The MMA Review Babe Of The Month for April 2012: Isobel Jackson


    It’s that time again where we introduce you to The MMA Review “Babe Of The Month”. I am happy to tell you that we have MMA ring girl Isobel Jackson as our April babe!


    Check out our interview:

    Jay Cee: “Hi Isobel, I am really happy to have you here on themmareview.co.uk as our April “Babe Of The Month”! Tell me how it feels to be an MMA Review Babe? and what were your thoughts when you first found out?”

    Isobel: “Hi! It’s such an honour to have been asked to be April’s ‘Babe of the month’! Thank you so much for having me!”

    Jay Cee: “No problem at all, I found out about you when speaking to my friend Emma over at Aphrodite Promotions. Tell me a bit about Aphrodite and what you and the girls get up to?”

    Isobel: “I have been working for Aphrodite since December last year… I have mainly worked as a ring-girl at a few of the cage fights, it’s so exciting…I love it!!”

    Jay Cee: ”What MMA shows have you worked at? and what is your favourite thing about being a ring-girl?”

    Isobel: “I worked at an SFC (South Coast Fight Championships) fight show in Eastbourne and Contenders (UCMMA) in Brighton. I love the atmosphere at the shows, there’s such a buzz!!! The best thing about being a ring-girl is being able to get that close to the fights and just being part of the whole thing!”

    Robyn 2 Edit The MMA Review Babe Of The Month for April 2012: Isobel JacksonJay Cee: “Are you an actual MMA fan? If so, who is your favorite MMA fighter? and why?”

    Isobel: “I’m fairly new to the MMA scene but I have to admit it’s a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine! I don’t have a favorite fighter yet so there’s still room for that in my life!”

    Jay Cee: “Tell me a bit about what else you do outside of being a ring girl Isobel? I heard that you are currently training to be a Sports Therapist?”

    Isobel: “Yes, that’s right. I finish my training this summer, so who knows I might be working with some of the MMA fighters before long! Apart from that I love going out, I’m a bit of a party girl and just enjoy being with my friends.”

    Jay Cee: “Last question now Isobel…What can we expect from Isobel Jackson in the future? what are your plans for 2012?”


    Isobel: “Well as soon as I qualify as a Sport’s Therapist I will be looking to work with some exciting athlete’s so we will see where that takes me first… but hopefully in the meantime I will be working a few more fight shows.”

    Jay Cee
    : “Great, well that about wraps it up Isobel. Thanks again for taking some time out to be our April “Babe Of The Month” and good luck for the future!”


    Isobel: “Thanks Jay! Take care.”


    The End

    Thanks again to Isobel Jackson and also Aphrodite Promotions.


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