• Interview with bantamweight UFC fighter Mike “The Hulk” Easton

  • I recently got the chance to catch up with UFC bantamweight fighter Mike “The Hulk” Easton. We discuss training, his plans for the future and how he got the nickname “The Hulk”. Check it out…

    Jay Cee: ”Hi Mike, great to have you on themmareview.co.uk. Firstly I have to start by talking about the injury that forced you to pull out of your scheduled fight against Yves Jabouin at UFC on Fuel TV 3. Tell me about how you felt when you knew you would be unable to compete?”

    Mike Easton: ”It always sucks not being able to compete, but it’s part of the game. I’m already looking forward to getting back into the cage.”

    Jay Cee: ”It will be great to see you back in the octagon again. Do you have any idea when we can expect you to return to action?”

    Mike Easton: ”That’s up to my coach, Master Lloyd, and of course Dana White, Lorenzo and the guys. I’m ready when they’re ready.”

    Jay Cee: ”You had your debut with the UFC last October defeating Byron Bloodworth via TKO and in your second and most recent fight you defeated Jared Papazian via decision. Tell me what it feels like to be fighting on the big stage with the UFC? and what do you aim to accomplish within next few years?”

    Mike Easton: ”It feels incredible! It’s a dream come true. Everyone knows that this is what I’ve been thinking of all my life, ever since I started martial arts. My plan is to go all the way to the top over the next few years. I’m aiming to be champ!”

    Jay Cee: ”What is your favorite part of training? Tell me about your fight camp/team…are there any rising stars other then yourself that we should be keeping an eye out for?”

    Mike Easton: ”Rolling and sparring are my favorite parts. Jiu Jitsu is always fun. Training is tough, its the fight that’s the fun part. Yes, the guys I train with are Frank “The crank” Camacho, DJ Jackson, Ron Stallings, Tim Woods. All these guys are beasts, look out for them in the next few years.”

    Jay Cee: ”Your nickname is “The Hulk”…what is the story behind that? Where did it come from?”

    Mike Easton: ”O’ see I had an earlier fight, in Virginia, I forgot the dudes name, but I was taking him down, and when he hit the ground, I would pick him up and slam him back down, and I was dropping double hammer-fists. But I just kept picking up and slamming him, and from there the fans kept calling me the Hulk and it stuck. My son, Champ, loves it! He thinks I’m actually the Hulk. He tells kids at school I’m coming up in a movie.”

    Jay Cee: ”Last question now Mike….Who is your favorite MMA fighter past or present? And why?”

    Mike Easton: ”I have a couple… Past: Jose Pele Jones… Coach Brandon Truth Vera cuz he’s the first guy to break into UFC on our team. Master Lloyd Irvin, cause he’s my instructor and he’s the man. My new favorite fighter, is Ross Pearson, I’ve been training with him, he reps us, he bangs”

    Jay Cee: ”Ok, great. Thanks for taking some time out to speak with me Mike and I look forward to seeing you in action real soon!”


    The End

    I would like to again thank Mike Easton for talking to us and I am sure you guys (the readers) enjoyed the interview.


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