• Wroxer is set to be the world’s first ever MMA superhero animation for kids

  • Wroxer Banner Wroxer is set to be the worlds first ever MMA superhero animation for kidsThe world’s first ever MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) animation is on it’s way! Wroxer is an MMA animation for kids that features a story where MMA and Professional Wrestling meet Superheroes. Currently under development the new animation will introduce kids to Mixed Martial Arts in a fun way that will be easy for them to understand. With MMA becoming one of the fastest growing sports in the world it is no surprise that other industries would want to get involved and this is a great way to give kids their first introduction to the sport.

    “Our goal is to create a buzz for MMA amongst kids…” said Wroxer Executive Producer Simon Edwards. “Wroxer is a way to promote a positive image for the sport of MMA in a way that appeals to a younger demographic” added Wroxer founder Dr. Robert Dickman.

    robby two 191x300 Wroxer is set to be the worlds first ever MMA superhero animation for kidsWroxer is the story of an underdog MMA fighter named Robby Walker. Robby connects with a Wroxer orb, he connects with a good energy known as “The Core” and adapts into “Sprawler”, his superhero form. Robby’s twin brother is Zack Walker. Zack grew up separated from Robby in a much worse environment, and embraced a life of crime, and street fighting. When Zack connects with an orb he connects with an evil energy known as “The Void” and adapts into “The Wrath”. Each brother leads his respective team of “Wroxers”, The Core vs The Void, in a battle over the fate of humanity.

    One of the good things about Wroxer is that it is not centred around the violent aspect of MMA, instead it is presented in a non-violent way aimed at teaching kids that there is an inner fighter in all of us.

    For updates on the progress of Wroxers development and more information please visit: www.wroxer.com

    Also check out this trailer for Wroxer:

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