• EFC AFRICA 15: JP Joubert becomes EFC’s first ever Light-Heavyweight Champion

  • Joubert vs Wessels 300x199 EFC AFRICA 15: JP Joubert becomes EFCs first ever Light Heavyweight ChampionExtreme Fighting Championship Africa crowned themselves a new light-heavyweight champion on July. 27. JP ‘The Bull’ Joubert knocked out Norman ‘Chef’ Wessels, becoming EFC Africa’s first light-heavyweight champion.

    Joubert vs. Wessels was the headline bout for EFC Africa 15, and it definitely provided fans with an action-packed fight. In round one, Joubert was mercilessly pounded by Norman Wessels, and seemed only moments from a TKO loss.

    Here is what JP Joubert had to say:

    “I had a massive adrenaline dump in round one and lost just about all my energy,” says Joubert. “I was also surprised by Norman’s power; he was way stronger than I’d expected and he dominated me, which is something that never happens! The guys that I train with are serious athletes with massive accomplishments behind them and they never dominate me like that, so for Norman to have that sort of strength was a shock.”

    Half way through round two, Joubert turned the tables and delivered a shock of his own, a hail of hooks and uppercuts that put Wessels on the defensive.

    “In round two I started to regain my energy and strength. I was able to regroup and I kept telling myself that I was still in the fight and that there was no way I was going to give up. As soon as I started landing a couple of shots, and as soon as I saw that Norman was tired too, I felt things starting to turn in my favour. If I can compare it to anything, it was like hooking a fish; I knew I’d hooked Norman and I just had to keep swinging or he was going to get away. A fight comes down to who can take the most and who can give the most. It’s not about how you start, but how you finish.”

    In the lead up to this fight there was a lot of bad feelings. Before the bout, Joubert made the eccentric claim that he was going to ruin Wessels’ life. According to Joubert, even though the fight is over, his feelings toward his opponent and his team haven’t changed too much.

    “My feelings toward Fight Fit Militia are not good feelings. Now that that I’ve stepped out of anonymity I have a voice and I can say that it doesn’t matter how many achievements they’ve got, at the end of the day I don’t see them as good sportsmen.”

    During the bout, Joubert suffered a depression fracture to his skull, yet still managed to fight on and ultimately win. Health permitting, he hopes to be back to defend his title soon. I personally cannot wait to see the new champ back in action to defend his new title.

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