• Product Review: Body Armour Body Wash

  • Body Armour 4 Product Review: Body Armour Body Wash

    My friends over at BodyArmour UK recently sent me their body wash to review. The product has been developed with professional MMA fighters to help sportsmen/women stay fresh and feel clean after training. There are many brands on the market that have created sports related shower gels and body washes, but it is rare to see one that specifically caters to the needs of Mixed Martial Arts fighters. With the sport growing at such a fast pace it is good to see that BodyArmour UK are trying to help fill that void with their product.

    Body Armour 6 Product Review: Body Armour Body Wash

    The perfect word to describe this body wash is “cleansing”, it feels really soft on your skin and does not produce a ridiculous amount of bubbles. It has more of a creamy quality to it opposed to a lathery shower gel. There is a refreshing peppermint like smell that comes from the body wash, but it is not too strong and compliments the revitalizing sensation you get from the product. Once you have finished washing, your skin feels fresh and clean, which is perfect for athletes and fighters who are constantly training and need an energizing uplift after sessions.

    Body Armour 7 Product Review: Body Armour Body Wash

    One of the great things about this product is that it has been made with various natural oils that help to prevent a range of different skin infections which can commonly occur when training in Mixed Martial Arts. When regularly working on mats, sharing gym equipment and training in close proximity with gym partners you can leave yourself open to ringworm, staph infection, athletes foot and many other ailments. This product has been created to prevent such infections without being too strong to use on a daily basis after workouts.

    Overall Analysis

    This is a well designed product that leaves you feeling reinvigorated, fresh and above all clean. When training regularly in a sport like Mixed Martial Arts at some point you will want more then just your average shower gel, BodyArmour body wash definitely provides Body Armour 2 200x300 Product Review: Body Armour Body Washthe solution. I could not find any negatives whilst using the product as it smelt, felt and performed well when used. I would recommend this product to any MMA fighter or regular gym-goer who wants a product that is not too harsh for daily use and will also help prevent any unwanted skin infections that come with training. BodyArmour UK body wash gets the thumbs up from me.

    You can buy a 300ml bottle of BodyArmour Body Wash for £6.50 – CLICK HERE

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    A big thanks to BodyArmour UK for sending me the product to try!

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