• Product Review: PunchTown Frakas “Crush” Fight Shorts

  • Shorts 3 300x279 Product Review: PunchTown Frakas Crush Fight Shorts

    I was recently sent a pair of PunchTown Frakas “Crush” Fight Shorts by my friends over at MartialArtsSupplies.com - Here is my review…

    Style and Appearance

    The great thing about these shorts is the striking graphic design, which really gives the product it’s character. This particular pair has a green snake as the main feature, the artwork and detail really shines through and also looks fantastic. There is nothing plain about this design, which is something you come to expect from a PunchTown product. On the right leg of the shorts you have the PunchTown logo, and on the left leg you have the “Frakas eX” wording, which is nicely placed to compliment the snake graphic. The base color of the shorts is black with the green snake on top. The waistband has white trim and all the logos are in white.

    Shorts 4 300x169 Product Review: PunchTown Frakas Crush Fight Shorts

    Design and Fit

    One of the cool things about the way these shorts have been designed is that the print has been fully sublimated into the material, this means that you will not get any cracks or peeling of the design. This obviously comes in handy when training in MMA as the shorts can undergo a lot of ware and tear. I found the PunchTown Frakas “Crush” Fight Shorts to be really comfortable, they are not the lightest I have worn but they were good quality and have a nice fit. The shorts are made with four-way stretch fabric, which is great for movement and durability.

    Shorts 2 300x296 Product Review: PunchTown Frakas Crush Fight Shorts

    Performance and Functionality

    These shorts feel really good whilst training. Because of the high quality design of these shorts you don’t have to worry about pushing them to their limits. They are durable and flexible, which is great for all areas of training. Also, they have slits on either side to enable good movement, this is essential for Mixed Martial Arts training drills and kickboxing work.

    Shorts 1 251x300 Product Review: PunchTown Frakas Crush Fight Shorts

    Overall Analysis

    Overall these shorts stand out from the crowd, with a unique appearance that looks amazing and design features to ensure you are comfortable at all times you simply can’t go wrong. They are not the cheapest shorts on the market, but they are well worth the investment. They are sure to be popular and definitely get my approval.

    A big thanks to you the readers, PunchTown and MartialArtsSupplies.com for sending me the product to try.

    If you are interested in purchasing a pair of these shorts please use the following link: CLICK HERE

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    *Please remember that everything written in this review is purely my own opinion based on my own use of the product. Thanks guys!