• Review: FUEL TV’s ‘UFC Unrestricted: Silva vs. Sonnen II’ special airs on Nov. 10

  • UFC Unrestricted Logo Review: FUEL TVs UFC Unrestricted: Silva vs. Sonnen II special airs on Nov. 10FUEL TV are getting ready to air their UFC Unrestricted show this coming weekend on Saturday, November 10 (1:00 PM ET). The one-hour special will feature an in-depth and exclusive behind-the-scenes look at UFC 148: Silva vs. Sonnen II. Widely regarded as one of the biggest fights in UFC history the broadcast will give fans and viewers a chance to see footage of the various events that unfolded during the 36 hours leading up to the main event on pay-per-view.

    I was given a special opportunity to watch the show before it airs this weekend, and I can tell you that it is a must-see program for all mixed martial arts fans around the globe.

    In the first segment of the show you are given a brief look back at the heated rivalry between Chael Sonnen and UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva. In their first meeting at UFC 117, Sonnen shocked the world by winning the first four rounds and controlling Silva on the ground for much of the fight. Sonnen actually managed to land 320 strikes against Silva during the bout, which in itself was very impressive. However, perhaps more impressively the fight will always be remembered for the unexpected turn of events which took place in the final round, where Silva overturned adversity by locking Sonnen into a triangle armbar and forcing him to submit with only 1 minute and 50 seconds left on the clock. The introduction takes you back and reminds us why everyone wanted to see the rematch. I think everyone was surprised to see how much Sonnen’s verbal attacks managed to get under Silva’s skin during the lead up to their second showdown.

    You also get to see footage around the build up towards UFC veteran Tito Ortiz’s retirement fight against Forest Griffin. A mixture of open-workout tape and press conference snippets really set the tone for the show ahead.

    After the introduction you are given a behind-the-scenes look at what UFC production manager/Co-ordinator for events, Burt Watson, really gets up to backstage. You see footage of his “pre weigh-in” which takes place on the same morning of the actual weigh-ins to make sure that the fighters are on target with their weight cuts. This really gives you a chance to witness the unique relationship between Burt Watson and the UFC fighters.

    Next, we are taken over to the UFC Fan Expo where UFC president Dana White interacts with fans and media. We see him explaining that it is his job to make the fights that fans want to see, which outlines how important the fans are to the the existence of the company and the sport. Following this we head over to the Zuffa headquarters where we are introduced to the UFC’s head of operations, Craig Borsari. As the anticipation mounts, excitement builds for both the production team backstage and all of the UFC employees including the fighters.

    UFC on FUEL TV Logo 300x300 Review: FUEL TVs UFC Unrestricted: Silva vs. Sonnen II special airs on Nov. 10At what is regarded as being the biggest weigh-in event in the history of combat sports we are given an intense look at the fighters backstage during the weigh-ins, and the production team in charge of making sure the spectacle runs smoothly for the fans, fighters and viewers at home. Bouncing back and forth from the backstage area, production room and weigh-in scales, you are given a true idea of what goes into producing a successful UFC event. The section ends with the unexpected shoulder that Silva gave to Chael Sonnen’s face during their stare-down at the weigh-ins. You see the various reactions backstage and get a real look at the flaring emotions and anticipation for the upcoming fight.

    Fight day arrives and everyone is excited for the event that is soon to take place. But first, prior to his last UFC fight, Tito Ortiz is inducted into the UFC hall of fame, we are reminded of his major contribution to helping build the sport and how important this last fight is to him.

    It is fight time and we get an insight into how important Burt Watson is to the smooth running of the show. He makes sure the fighters are where they need to be and gives them a personal point of interaction before and after their fights take place.

    Rather then focusing on the fights themselves we get to watch behind-the-scenes footage of Dana White at the event, and the fighters backstage as they mentally prepare for their trip to the octagon. As the preliminary fights pass by the co-main event draws closer and it is eventually time for Tito Ortiz to make his last trip to the UFC cage. We get to see the key moments in the fight and various reactions to the epic battle that took place. The bout ends with Griffin’s early departure from the cage and unexpected behavior after the fight.

    The main event is finally here and everyone is prepared to see an epic battle between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen. The fighters make their way to the octagon and the rematch gets under-way. We get to see the fight as never seen before with spectacular slow motion edits and dramatic camera angles that really capture the memorable ending moments of the fight in which Silva finishes Sonnen via TKO in the second round.

    With the event over we get to see reactions from the fighters, various celebrities and Dana White. The production team and crew pack up and it is the end of a successful event.

    UFC Unrestricted really gives you a fly-on-the-wall look at the what takes place during the build up to an event from both the production and management side of things right through to the fighter preparation. It is a backstage pass to see a side of the industry that regular fans don’t usually get to witness. With the UFC being the no.1 mixed martial arts promotion in the world this behind-the-scenes feature shows you exactly why. I thoroughly enjoyed watching UFC Unrestricted and would strongly urge you to tune in this weekend if you have FUEL TV!

    Remember to TUNE-IN to FUEL TV on Saturday, November 10th at 1pm/10am ET/PT for UFC Unrestricted: Silva vs. Sonnen II.

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