• The MMA Review ‘Babe of the Month’ for January 2013: Abbie Summerhayes

  • Abbie 5 231x300 The MMA Review Babe of the Month for January 2013: Abbie SummerhayesHappy New Year! 2013 has begun and we can now look forward to another 12 months of features from some of the hottest ring-girls and babes in Mixed Martial Arts. It is my pleasure to introduce ring-girl and model Abbie Summerhayes, who is The MMA Review’s January “Babe of the Month”!!! Enjoy!

    Jay Cee: ”Hi Abbie, I am really glad to have you here on themmareview.co.uk as our January ‘Babe Of The Month’! You will be kicking off 2013 for us, which is really exciting! Tell me how you are doing? and how it feels to be an MMA Review Babe?”

    Abbie: ”I am great, thank you for having me feature as ‘Babe of the Month’! I feel very privileged if I’m honest.”

    Jay Cee: ”Tell me about some of the MMA promotions you have worked with in the past? Also, you are part of the “Icis Agency” team, tell me how that all came about? and what it is like working with Dionne Vincent?”

    Abbie 1 200x300 The MMA Review Babe of the Month for January 2013: Abbie SummerhayesAbbie: ”Working with Icis Agency has opened up a lot of opportunities for me within the MMA events industry. I have had the pleasure of featuring at some great events such as Ultimate Impact Cagefighting, Knuckle Up MMA and Tear Up as well as lots of other boxing, Thai boxing and kick boxing events. Dionne is amazing, I owe everything to her. She’s given me so much support and confidence, before I met her I would have never dreamed I could do something like this. Working for Icis is a dream come true, I’ve made so many great friends and enjoyed every minute of it.”

    Jay Cee: ”How did you first get into being a ring-girl? and what is your favorite thing about the job?”

    Abbie: ”My first event was Tear Up 10 in the summer of 2012. I contacted Dionne as we had a lot of mutual friends and I had seen a lot about the agency on Facebook. She told me to come along and that was it, I was hooked! The atmosphere, the people I just loved everything about it.”

    Jay Cee: ”It must be quite exciting to meet new people all the time including the fans and fighters. Do you have any funny stories or a memorable moment from an event that you can share with us?”

    Abbie 2 200x300 The MMA Review Babe of the Month for January 2013: Abbie SummerhayesAbbie: ”Every event is memorable and different from any other. The team at Icis are very professional, but also a lot of fun to work with, it doesn’t seem like a job because everyone is so excited and grateful to be there. Meeting the people involved and the fighters is always a pleasure, they are very passionate about what they do, its inspiring.”

    Jay Cee: ”Outside of being a ring-girl are you an actual fan of MMA? If so, who is your favorite fighter?”

    Abbie: ”To be honest, when I first watched it I couldn’t even look. But the more I watch it and understand it, I appreciate the hard work and the effort that goes into it. I’ve even started looking forward to watching the fights. I don’t have a favorite fighter, but I do like supporting local fighters from Bristol.”

    Jay Cee: ”I have been asked by quite a few female readers how they could become ring girls. What advice would you give to any young women looking to get into that line of work?”

    Abbie: ”Go for it, follow your dreams. I never even imagined I could do something like this. I was shaking like a leaf the first time, I was absolutely petrified. I am so thankful I stayed and went through with it because I have found something I really love doing. If girls are interested they should get in contact with Icis Agency. Thanks to them I have had the best experiences and exposure, I highly recommend it to anyone.”

    Abbie 3 181x300 The MMA Review Babe of the Month for January 2013: Abbie SummerhayesJay Cee: ”Tell me a bit about what else you do outside of being a ring girl Abbie? I have seen some amazing pictures of you, is modelling something you do full-time or just something on the side?”

    Abbie: ”I really enjoy modelling, it’s not my full time job though unfortunately. I don’t seem to have a lot of spare time, but when I do I like to go to the gym, play netball or socialize with friends.”

    Jay Cee: ”Seeing as the year has just started, tell me what your plans are for 2013? What can we expect from Abbie Summerhayes this year?”

    Abbie: ”I hope to do a lot more modelling, take part in more fighting events and any other opportunities that come along. I am looking forward to starting the New Year working with Icis, next year is going to be exciting!”

    Jay Cee: ”What would you say is your best asset body-wise?”

    Abbie: ”I don’t know about assets, but I love my tattoos. I would be covered head to toe if I could.”

    Jay Cee: ”Describe yourself in three words?”

    Abbie: ”Funny, Bubbly and Outgoing.”

    Jay Cee: ”Great, well that about wraps it up Abbie. Thanks again for taking some time out to be our January “Babe of the Month” and good luck for the future!”

     Abbie 4 300x268 The MMA Review Babe of the Month for January 2013: Abbie Summerhayes

    Thanks to Abbie Summerhayes for being our January babe! We appreciate the time.

    You can follow Abbie Summerhayes on TWITTER and you can stay up to date with what Icis Agency is doing on FACEBOOK or by visiting their website: www.icisagency.com

    Cheers guys,

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