• Interview: Carl Kinslow talks ahead of UCMMA 35 bout against Przemyslaw Mysiala

  • Carl Kinslow is a British light-heavyweight fighter with an MMA record of 2-5-1. He trains out of Combat Sports Academy a.k.a Medway Submissions and Pound for Pound Gym. We got the chance to catch up with Carl ahead of his bout at UCMMA 35 at London’s Troxy on Saturday, August 3rd.

    Kinslow vs Przemyslaw Mysiala Interview: Carl Kinslow talks ahead of UCMMA 35 bout against Przemyslaw Mysiala

    Jay Cee: Thanks for taking some time out to speak with me Carl. You have got a fight coming up at UCMMA 35 against Przemyslaw Mysiala, who has fought for promotions like Bellator and BAMMA, and taken on big name fighters like Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal. What are your thoughts on Mysiala as an opponent?

    Carl Kinslow: First I wanna say “hello MMA world” as now they see me. What a fight this is! The records look very different don’t ya think? The new and improved “Energy” Kinslow is on the MMA scene! I respect my opponent! But no energy goes on him, soon as I heard that he had fought on Bellator my energy went up and couldn’t wait to get training hard for this!

    Jay Cee: How has your training camp and preparation been going?

    Carl Kinslow: If there’s one thing I do it is train hard! I’m never given wins, I earn them, and earn them is what I do! I’ve not yet learn’t how to glide in the air, but that will be achieved LOL. My weight is good, 10kg lost, a sad day for the pie makers. I have lost loads of weight being on a diet. Chicken hates me at the moment.

    Jay Cee: What gym are you currently training at?

    Carl Kinslow: I train at Combat Sports Academy also known as Medway Submissions main gym, and I also hit Pound for Pound Gym to touch on other styles. Now and then I hit TSG, but its far to travel, so only now and then. My home is Medway Submissions 100 percent, but all of the gym’s have special features!

    Jay Cee: Tell me about some of the coaches and fighters you have been working with?

    Carl Kinslow: My main coaches are Lee Johnston and Lee Page, but I also get  all round help from Gareth, Boris, George, and Julius, who help me with all different styles of Mixed Martial Arts. Also, all the boys within the club, we all help build each other. It’s a family, three men that people will know most are Dayman Lake, Tye Palmer and Ricky Campbell, but behind the scenes we have got raw talent, we have loads! They all know who they are from our club. There is also Stav in my other gym and Richard Griffen, who are well known. They are all legends and nice people.

    Jay Cee: Your opponent appears to be dangerous on the ground, having has won nine of his past fights via submission. Do you see his ground game presenting any problems for you?

    Carl Kinslow: All I can say is “Embrace the Grind” on that question. “All I see is gold!!” A saying from someone I look up to and follow.

    Jay Cee: You picked up a big win over Ben Smith in your last fight, does that give you a confidence boost coming into this bout?

    Carl Kinslow: Wins don’t give me confidence. I know I can be best in world, a big statement there, but I’ve learnt a lot over the years! It’s the training and the mind which creates the energy to win and that my friend gives me confidence. Boom!

    Jay Cee: When looking at your MMA career and your future in the sport, do you want to make it all the way to the top or just achieve success on the regional circuit here in the UK?

    Carl Kinslow: Win fights, train full-time, be better, more entertaining and be that person I watch on television saying “Wow he is something else.” That’s part of my vision!

    Jay Cee: What are your goals for the rest of 2013?

    Carl Kinslow: I try to do what Bruce Lee said “Be like Water”. I am going with the flow, but my vision of a bright future is achieved through hard work and without all them pies I am hungry! WayHay!

    Jay Cee: Thanks for taking some time to speak with me Carl and good luck at UCMMA 35. If there are any sponsors or people you would like to shout-out or thank, please go ahead and do that now…

    Carl Kinslow: I want to thank you Jay for taking time to hear my words. I wanna thank everyone supporting me, my coaches, team mates and my woman for putting up with my big feet LOL. I also want to thank UCMMA for getting this fight on for me and everyone else, you are all legends. Please follow me on twitter if you wanna hear some mad tweets (@CarKinslow), much luv.

    Thanks again to Carl Kinslow for the time, I appreciate it.

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