• Product Review: Evolution Fightwear Sparring Shorts

  • Evo 4 300x281 Product Review: Evolution Fightwear Sparring ShortsI was recently sent a pair of Evolution Fightwear shorts from my friends over at UltimateFightwear.co.uk - Here is my review on the product…

    Style and Appearance

    The shorts are black with all the logo’s in white, black and white is a very basic combination of colors but always looks good. There is a large vertical Evolution Fightwear logo located on the right side of the shorts which is stitched/sewn into the shorts rather then printed which ensures durability, it is less likely to wear or fade in the long run which is great. There is also a small horizontal logo located on the front of the shorts on the left leg and another logo on the waistband section of the shorts which is printed on rubber. Very basic design suited to those who like a low profile yet bold look.

    Evo 5 300x77 Product Review: Evolution Fightwear Sparring Shorts

    Design and Fit

    Main thing to point out here is how light these shorts are, they are made from a lightweight material which I found was great for pad work and also cardio related gym training. They are a great fit and very comfortable, there is also a tie up string integrated into the waistband section for those of you who may wish to have a slightly tighter fit. These shorts are not really suitable for grappling or wrestling etc. as the material is very light and may be vulnerable to tears if put under too much stress, however they are well made with quality stitching and should stand the test of time.

    Evo 1 258x300 Product Review: Evolution Fightwear Sparring Shorts

    Performance and Functionality

    As mentioned before these shorts are really light and great for speed and maneuverability. If you do muay thai or kickboxing you will find that these shorts are perfect for training. The shorts have slits on either side allowing for additional movement, so if you are training for kicks they do not restrict you in any way.

    Evo 2 300x282 Product Review: Evolution Fightwear Sparring Shorts

    Overall Analysis

    These shorts have a simple yet effective design with a stylish black and white base color scheme that looks great. If you are interested in a light weight pair of shorts to use when you are doing your sparring, pad work, gym training or kickboxing then you will love these.

    Thanks to you the readers, Evolution Fightwear and UltimateFightwear.co.uk  for sending me the product.


    If you are interested in getting yourself a pair of these shorts go to the Ultimate Fightwear online store using the following link - CLICK HERE


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    Please remember that everything written in this review is purely my own opinion based on my own use of the product. Thanks guys!