• Why is wrestling so important in Mixed Martial Arts?

  • Wrestling in MMA Why is wrestling so important in Mixed Martial Arts?

    Mixed Martial Arts has evolved a lot since the early days when many fighters had just one particular technique that they specialized in. We would often see fighters with different styles square off to see which style was superior. Whilst this is entertaining, we now realize that sticking to one style can limit a fighter and in some cases lead to defeat.

    Fast forward to the modern day and I think it is safe to say that any fighter hoping to be successful would need to incorporate a whole range of different styles and techniques into their fight game. It is essential to be diverse and give yourself multiple offensive and defensive options when engaged in a fight.

    Three Important Things

    I would say that the three main areas to focus on are striking, wrestling and grappling. Some people may be stronger in one area, which is fine as long as they also have a good knowledge of the other two. I will be taking a look at some of the reason’s why wrestling in particular is an essential skill for any MMA fighter.

    Collegiate Wrestling

    Many of the top U.S. Mixed Martial Arts fighters come from a college wrestling background and some have even been NCAA division one wrestling champions. A high level skill like this can win fights, because a strong wrestler can control their opponent physically and in many cases take them to the ground. In my opinion, some of the top wrestlers in the sport today are Johny Hendricks, Josh Koscheck, Cain Velasquez, Chris Weidman, Frankie Edgar and Dan Henderson. There are many more good wrestlers in Mixed Martial Arts, but these guys really are some of the best.

    Professional Wrestling

    We have also seen professional wrestlers like Brock Lesnar, Bobby Lashley, Kazushi Sakuraba, Ken Shamrock and Dave Bautista transition into Mixed Martial Arts and be successful. I have been to a live WWE event myself and had the pleasure of witnessing the athleticism and skill that is required to be a pro wrestler. If you want to go and experience live wrestling yourself, tickets can be purchased at www.eventim.co.uk.

    Pro wrestling involves a lot of personality and the entertainment aspect really allows viewers of all ages to get know the athletes competing in the ring. Many wrestlers are in great physical condition and posses a high amount of muscle and strength, which allows them to perform to the best of their ability.

    Wrestling Attributes

    Wrestlers tend to have a lot of heart and a good work ethic. Also, many wrestlers are good at countering their opponents moves and transitioning into a position that is less dangerous for them. Another thing attributed to wrestling is good cardio and conditioning, they often work on this a lot as it gives them good endurance and staying power in matches.


    I don’t think you can consider yourself to be a complete Mixed Martial Artist if you cannot wrestle and if you come up against a fighter with good wrestling, then it is highly likely you will struggle to win that fight. Wrestling is a useful tool to have in your arsenal and will definitely help anyone competing in MMA.

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