• Product Review: Bad Boy Training Series Sparring Gloves

  • Bad Boy TS Sparring Glove 2 300x296 Product Review: Bad Boy Training Series Sparring GlovesBad Boy have created a Training Series range of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) gear that is aimed at giving fighters high quality equipment at affordable prices. They sent us out a pair of their 16oz Bad Boy Training Series Sparring Gloves to try. We really wanted to see what this range of gear was like as it’s something that would be great for newcomers to the sport.

    One of my favorite things about these gloves is the way they look. The red and silver colour scheme used for the Bad Boy logos located on the wrist strap and knuckle areas instantly jumps out at you. The classic black base colour teamed with the glossy, shiny finish of the gloves looks vibrant and exciting. The palm area of the glove is red with a Bad Boy training series logo located on the wrist section. Overall, the product has a fun and striking design that would look great in any gym or training facility.

    Something else we noticed about these gloves is how comfortable they feel. They have a smooth satin lining that feels great and allows you to concentrate on your sparring rather then any niggling discomfort. But that’s not all, the satin lining is also moisture repellent, so it will help to reduce the chances of your gloves quickly becoming smelly and producing a nasty, sweaty odour. Also, it allows the foam padding inside the gloves to withstand the test of time and avoid breaking down as a result of frequent use.

    Bad Boy TS Sparring Glove 1 223x300 Product Review: Bad Boy Training Series Sparring GlovesConsidering these gloves are aimed at newcomers to the sport and people who may be looking at getting into training they performed very well. During actual sparring the gloves felt nice. They are great for beginners as they provide ample protection for both you and your sparring partner. The foam padding is not too firm, so the gloves will not take a long time to break in, which is great for people just getting into boxing or MMA. The multi-layer foam padding inside the gloves absorbed the shock of punching well, and the wrist strap provided great protection.

    Most fighters will not want to use their sparring gloves as heavy bag gloves, you will generally find that they have two separate pairs for each thing. I recommend that you only use these for sparring as over time you will notice that the gloves don’t have the same maximum lifespan as genuine leather gloves when used regularly with a heavy bag. That said, the gloves are made with quality “Pin Totted” PU material, which is fine for sparring, especially if you are new to training.

    Overall this product fulfills it’s purpose efficiently. If you are an experienced MMA fighter or boxer then these gloves may not be your first choice, you may want to look at Bad Boy’s “Pro” or “Legacy” Series. However, if you are new to MMA and want a quality pair of gloves that don’t cost a fortune then the Bad Boy Training Series Sparring Gloves are a great option. Appearance wise they are slick and stylish, the design is quality and the fit is comfortable. This is a great entry level sparring glove for any fighter. We really like this product.

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