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    The Cage Warriors Fighting Championship’s (CWFC) final card of the year goes down Tuesday night in Dublin, Ireland, but before Ray, Buchinger, Maguire, Mulpeter, Alers, Turner and many more go to war at the Helix, all of them had to make weight earlier today for Cage Warriors 63.

    All of the fighters came within their specified weight limits apart from Polish fighter Mateusz Teodorczuk, who is scheduled to face Phil Redmond in a lightweight matchup. Teodorczuk missed the lightweight limit weighing in heavy at 157.3 lbs, so Redmond will take 25% of his purse and they will engage in a catch weight bout.

    CWFC lightweight champion Stevie Ray weighed in at 154 lbs and his opponent Ivan Buchinger tipped the scales at 158.4 lbs. Meanwhile, CWFC featherweight champion Jim Alers came in at 144.9 lbs and his adversary Graham Turner recorded a weight of 143.7 lbs.

    The full Cage Warriors 63 weigh-in results are below:

    Main Card:

    - Stevie Ray (154lbs) vs. Ivan Buchinger (154.8lbs)
    - John Maguire (162lbs) vs. Philip Mulpeter (160.7lbs)
    - Jim Alers (144.9lbs) vs. Graham Turner (143.7lbs)
    - Paul Redmond (156lbs) vs. Mateusz Teodorczuk (157.3lbs)*
    - Karla Benitez (115.6lbs) vs. Aisling Daly (116lbs)

    Facebook Prelims:

    - Myles Price (155.5lbs) vs. Sean Carter (155.5lbs)
    - Morgane Delagnau (103.5lbs) vs. Catherine Costigan (105.5lbs)
    - John Redmond (169lbs) vs. Kieran Davern (169.9lbs)
    - Slavka Vitaly (125.1lbs) vs. Amanda English (125.4lbs)

    Non-Streamed Prelims:

    - Chris Boujard (157.4lbs) vs. Peter Queally (158.8lbs)
    - Gavin Kelly (134.5lbs) vs. Dylan Sheehan (134.3lbs)
    - Mick Brennan (145.9lbs on his 2nd attempt) vs. Kieran O’Brian (144lbs)

    *Mateusz Teodorczuk forfeits 25% of his purse to Phil Redmond.

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