• Interview: ‘Models For’ founder talks about raising money for charity at MMA events

  • Models For 1 300x297 Interview: Models For founder talks about raising money for charity at MMA events“Models For” are a group of benevolent young women who raise money for charity through modelling and ring girl work. The ladies have made appearances at various sporting events since the campaign started earlier this year, and have been able to provide much needed support for the “Wipe Your Tears” charity. We got the chance to speak with Vickie from “Models For” about the work they do and what they hope to achieve going forward.

    Jay Cee: Hi Vickie, great to have you on TheMMAReview.co.uk! Now, lets start off by talking about your charity campaign, Models For. You guys provide models for promotional and combat sports events, but the interesting twist is that you do it to raise money for charities and special causes. Tell me the story behind how “Models For” first got started?

    Vickie: Hi Jay, thanks for having us, it’s great to be able to get the word out about what we’re doing to the fans of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and any promoters who haven’t heard of us or used our models. It all started in March 2013 when I decided to get some of my hot model friends together to do a charity calender, while we were at the shoot we all had a brainstorm and thought it would be a good idea to raise money for charity at events. We contacted a few promotions and went from there! It started with a few football matches and then we moved on to boxing and MMA fights, now heading into 2014 we are attending between 1-6 events every weekend and we’re raising a lot of money for our chosen charity “Wipe Your Tears”, so we are really happy and everyone has loved what we are doing!!

    Jay Cee: Tell me more about the “Wipe Your Tears” campaign you’re working on and what you are trying to achieve?

    Vickie: The “Wipe Your Tears” charity that we have been raising money for since the 9th September 2013 is a really small charity, so we are really glad to be helping them out. The charity is amazing, they do so many things to help terminally ill children and the effected families during their time of need. It makes me so proud of all the girls whenever we drop off the money we’ve collected as I know it makes such a difference to them! We have raised £5353.34 in just over 9 weeks which is unbelievable, so it’s wonderful for all of us to be making such a difference in the lives of children who really deserve our help.

    Jay Cee: Tell me about the girls that are currently part of “Models For” and what sort of events they have worked at in the past?

    Vickie: The girls are all amazing, they are all gorgeous on the inside and the outside! Without them this campaign wouldn’t be possible! Some of the events are so far away that we end up driving for 5 hours before we get there, then they work from 5-11pm at night and then have to drive back! sometimes we leave the house at 10am and we don’t get back till around 2am the next day. They really are stars, every one of them! We have around 15 models on the campaign at the minute, but regularly we use around 6 of the girls. Hayleigh and her identical twin Katie are very popular and they always do great at raising a lot of money! Maddy is also very popular, she’s a great model and also very good at raising money. Vicky W and Vicky M, the 2 blondes, are also very popular! All of the girls really do an amazing job! None of them had ever been a ring girl before joining the campaign and now with over 30 events each they are all old pro’s Haha!

    Jay Cee: What is your favorite thing about working as a ring girl?

    Vickie: I myself don’t actually get in the ring, but I do attend the events and help out with the collections, so my favourite thing about being involved with the events is the front row seats! I really enjoy all the fights that we attend, it’s such a wonderful atmosphere to be involved with and you can’t help but be on the edge of your seat with event round!

    Models For 3 300x225 Interview: Models For founder talks about raising money for charity at MMA eventsJay Cee: I know you guys have worked at MMA events in the past. Do you like MMA? If yes, what is it that you especially like about the sport?

    Vickie: We love attending the MMA events as each fight is always so different! I find myself not wanting to blink just in case I miss something…haha! All of the different events are so varied in venues and crowd, it’s a really fun sport to be involved with!

    Jay Cee: Do you or any of the girls have a favourite fighter?

    Vickie: We have met quite a few big name fighters over the last year, but haven’t managed to be involved with any UFC, BAMMA or Cage Warriors events yet, which is something we would love to do. We don’t really have a favourite fighter as we try to stay impartial at the events, but Michael Bisping was really nice when we met him as well as Che Mills, Jimmi Manuwa and Ross Pearson, who signed some gloves for us to auction off for the charity. We also met the Maguire brothers at an event, they had some pix with the girls and tweeted about our campaign which was lovely.

    Jay Cee: What are three top tips you would give to any young women out there who are interested in becoming a model or getting into promotional work?

    Vickie: Oooo, good question:

    1.) Come to us! Haha! If you’ve got what it takes then we’ll get you started in the industry and help you make a name for yourself while also doing something good for an amazing charity.

    2.) Have respect for yourself and know your limits! Once you’ve set your limits don’t let the offer of money or persuasion from 3rd parties change them!

    3.) Enjoy yourself and don’t take yourself too seriously! Nobody wants to hire a diva! A nice personality makes you even more attractive, but an ugly personality turns the prettiest face sour!

    Jay Cee: What is the best way for a company or charity looking to promote a cause to get in contact with you guys?

    Vickie: They can either email us at: [email protected] OR go to our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/modelsfor.wyt. Also, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter: @models_for

    Jay Cee: What have “Models For” got planned for the rest of the year? Any interesting photo shoots or events we should keep an eye out for?

    Vickie: We have loads of events booked in, so keep an eye out for us! We are arranging a few photo shoots in the new year and a few magazine articles as well! Fingers crossed we will be just as busy in 2014!

    Jay Cee: Ok, great. Well that about wraps it up Vickie. Thanks for taking some time out to speak with me. I hope you enjoyed it!? If there is anything else you would like to say or any people you would like to shout-out or thank, then please go ahead and do that now…

    Vickie: I’d first like to say thanks to you guys at TheMMAReview.co.uk for having us and interviewing us! It took a while to arrange and get sorted, so thank you for bearing with me!

    – The End –

    “Models For” Ring Girls and Models are available throughout the UK for just £40 per event when used as ring girls! They are able to attend events free of charge when just collecting for the charity campaign! The girls are also available for photo shoots!

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