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    SportsDirect.com recently sent us a UFC Sponsor Zip Hoodie to review. Hoodies are one of my favorite pieces of clothing to wear on a day-to-day basis. They keep you warm, provide shelter from the rain and are suitable to wear in most situations.

    The first thing I want to touch on with regards to this specific hoodie is the fit. Straight away I noticed that it was nice and loose. I hate it when hoodies don’t offer enough breathing space, so for me, the less restrictive the the hoodie is the better and this product definitely ticks that box.

    This product is not too heavy when being worn but still keeps you warm on a chilly evening. It’s a perfect piece of clothing to wear down to the gym and looks great when worn alongside other bits of sporting apparel.

    The print on this hoodie is my favorite thing about the product. The base material colour is black and on top of that you have an exciting assortment of badges, UFC logos and stars. It looks trendy and slick, perfect for any fighter or fan who wants to look the part.

    UFC Hoodie Review Picture 2 300x266 Product Review: UFC Sponsor Zip HoodieAnother thing I like about this product is that the hood isn’t too small, I used to have a hoodie with a small hood and I found it very annoying. Instead, this piece of clothing gives you a nice large hood lined with adjustable drawcords so that you can give the hood a tighter or looser fit based on whatever suits your preference.

    This jumper has a zip up front making it easy to put on, remove or adjust to allow more or less airflow. You get two front pockets for any bits you may need to carry around with you and the waist and wrists of the hoodie have been made with stretchy material to help you feel extra comfortable.

    Lastly, the hoodie is predominantly made from cotton which means you are getting quality material that should stand the test of time. I like my clothing to be durable and strong, you can tell from the moment that you put this hoodie on that it’s both of those things. I really like this hoodie, it’s really comfortable, looks great and has a fantastic design. The UFC Sponsor Zip Hoodie definitely gets the nod from me.

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