• Product Review: Alpha Brain by Onnit Labs

  • Alpha Brain 258x300 Product Review: Alpha Brain by Onnit LabsThis is a review of Alpha Brain by Onnit Labs. I will be taking a look at what the supplement is and how it works, then I’ll let you know what it was like when I tried it out for myself.

    What is it?

    Alpha Brain is a nootropic, which means it’s a supplement that can be used to enhance your memory and other cognitive functions. It can help you to remain calm, focused and driven throughout the day.

    How does it work?

    The product is designed to help your body send oxygen and nutrients to the brain, along with a combination of neuro-specific antioxidants to assist your system in clearing away free radicals. The ingredient that helps to do this is Vinpocetine. There are two more important ingredients in Alpha Brain and they are Alpha GPC and Huperzia Serrata, they contain the nutrients that enable your body to increase acetylcholine levels. Lastly, it is worth mentioning an ingredient called AC-11 a.k.a The Rainforest Super Herb, which has been thrown in to help improve mental drive and eliminate mental fog.

    What did I think of Alpha Brain?

    I did a trial of Alpha Brain for two weeks, taking two capsules per day and I found it to be extremely beneficial. I personally think the supplement effects each person who uses it in a slightly different way, but for me it really helped with mental endurance and mental energy. I spend a lot of my day in front of computer screen so it’s hard to maintain a high level of focus and sharpness, however when taking Alpha Brain I noticed that I remained on top of my game for most of the day.

    I found it a lot easier to express my thoughts and form new ideas. Also, I noticed an improvement in my memory. I am one of those people who can remember things from when I was two-years-old, but can’t remember what I have planned for next weekend, lol. However, this changed when I was taking Alpha Brain. I found that I knew what I was doing, who I was doing it with and at what time. The best way for me to describe my overall experience with the supplement is that it made things easier, it enabled my brain to process things more smoothly,similar to when someone applies oil to a car engine. It was really good for me and I will definitely continue to use Alpha Brain.

    Why choose Alpha Brain over other nootropic supplements?

    One of the great things about Onnit supplements is that they have been designed with athletes in mind and a lot of professional athletes support the brand. If you visit the Onnit Labs website you will see testimonials and quotes from Comedians and Poker players right through to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters. Another good thing about Alpha Brain is that it doesn’t include Caffeine or Gluten and it’s also a Non-GMO, all-natural product that is suitable for vegetarians.

    For those wishing to purchase Alpha Brain, or find out more information, Click Here.

    Written by: Jay Cee (@JayCeeMMA)