• General update on UFC 133 and more….


    I am back from vacation and here to give you a well overdue installment of the MMA Review. I will start with the biggest news. As you may be aware there has been a lot of uncertainty over what the main event would be at UFC 133. The main reason for this is because of the knee injury that Phil Davis sustained during training that forced him to have to pull out of his main event fight against Rashad Evans. The UFC started looking for a new opponent to face Evans. The first to pop up was Tito Ortiz who turned down the offer as he apparently felt it was to soon to jump back into training camp just after his fight against Ryan Bader in which he won. The UFC moved on and Lyoto Machida who is a former champion himself and looking to make his way back to the top again was next on the list. Lyoto Machida accepted the fight but this was sort lived when apparently Machida’s camp requested to much money for Lyoto to take part in the fight, so the UFC moved on and went looking for a new opponent. At this point Tito Ortiz called the UFC up and accepted the fight. So alot of uncertainty but now we have ourselves a good main event. Lets just hope no one else gets injured. Ortiz is a former champion and UFC legend, Evans is a considered one of the best in the division so this should make for a great fight!


    I also just want to mention how impressed I have been with the last two UFC events that have been on. The UFC Live Event featuring Kongo vs Barry and the UFC 132 event were both amazing cards regardless of injuries etc. It goes to show that the sport is constantly getting better and more exciting as time goes by. The level of competition is very high and continues to rise. Props to the UFC for maintaining the high quality levels.


    Thanks guys!


    Jay Cee.