• Interview with Bellator Heavyweight Neil “Goliath” Grove!

  • Check out my interview with Bellator star Neil Grove. Enjoy!….

    Jay Cee: “Hi Neil, If I am correct you started your pro MMA career back in 2006 for the UKMMAC promotion. Can you tell us a bit about how you first got into MMA? and what you did before starting your MMA career?”

    Neil Grove: “Well I started training with Sensei Gavin Mulholland in 2000, in Goju RYU Karate. But if you asked him directly, he isn’t a fan of the word karate! Our style isn’t ‘watered’ down and in particular in his training techniques, we had some hard sparring sessions! I became a black belt in July 2005 and because of the ‘safe’ training environment, felt i needed to test my ability elsewhere… everybody wanted me to compete at semi-pro or amateur 1st, but to me that wasn’t going to test my ability completely. So i had my 1st pro mma bout, just over one month shy of my 36th birthday, in November 2006!”

    Jay Cee: “Your last fight was against Zak Jensen at Bellator 47 in Canada. You got the victory with a first round TKO. Tell me how that felt? and what is next for you in the Bellator Fighting Championships?”

    Neil Grove: “It is always nerve wrecking taking a long time out between fights! I had an injury otherwise I would have fought him in May, and it was just as well I postponed it! It felt good! He was tough and brought his best to the table! I am now in the Heavyweight tournament! My 1st bout is the 1st October!”

    Jay Cee: “Like myself you are from the UK. Tell me your thoughts on the MMA scene over here in the UK? and what you think we need to do to grow the sports popularity even more?”

    Neil Grove: “It’s growing everywhere! Some exciting new fighters are emerging from the UK and I for one hope they keep doing well!!! We need more ‘professional’ shows like BAMMA… No comedians or actors presenting or fighting, it’s not a soap opera and it’s not about the dancing girls either… They are definitely leading as far as I’m concerned when it comes to production, and matchmaking! Loads of local and international MMA stars are competing on their shows, and then there is the UFC too. I hope to see Bellator have a few shows in England too one day.”

    Jay Cee: “What gym do you train at? and what is your favorite part of training?”

    Neil Grove: “When I’m in the UK, Semtex Gym in Swanley Kent with my striking coach Steve Gladstone and Excel Health & Performance with my Strength & Conditioning Coach, Craig Maddox. When I’m in Orange County, CA, It’s at Reign Training Center with Mark Munoz and my striking coach is at Huntington Beach Ultimate Training Center, Ben Moreland! My favorite part is the wrestling/ MMA with Mark Munoz! Fabricio Werdum, Shogan Rua, Mahem Miller, Krzysztof Soszynski, Brett Cooper. Raphael Davis, Jay Silva, Jimmy Ambriz, Thomas Bunburry, Emanuel Newton, Joseph Henle, Manny Lara, Joe Ellenberger, Satoshi Ishii, and ALL the other guys i forget to mention, make every training session there worth while! I’m learning something new everyday and only have these guys to thank!”

    Jay Cee: “Who is your favorite MMA fighter past or present? And why?”

    Neil Grove: “George Saint Pierre. He comes from a Traditional Martial Arts back ground like me. He is also down to earth, unlike some of the new champions there who have become so arrogant and cocky… Always remember the ‘little guys’ who supported you when you were nothing, remember that when you win or make it big.”

    Jay Cee: “When the day finally comes that you decide to hang up your gloves, what do you think you will do next? Will you still be involved with MMA? Maybe coaching?”

    Neil Grove: “For sure! MMA came a bit late in life to me, but I will see it through one way or the other when I retire. I have had some amazing training from Sean Wheelock, Bellator’s ‘play-by-play’ commentator in January and February this year. It is something I would love to pursue! I think the ‘funny foreign accent’ and the different outlook on fights as being predominantly a striker and ‘finisher’ of fights, would bring something refreshing to a show! And coaching is a passion too, but not while I’m fighting.”

    Jay Cee: “Ok, great! Thanks for taking part in this interview Neil. I really do appreciate it mate and good luck in the Heavyweight tournament!”

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