• Interview with UFC star Francisco Rivera!

  • Francisco Rivera Interview with UFC star Francisco Rivera!


    Check out my interview with UFC star Francisco Rivera. Enjoy….


    Jay Cee: “Hi Cisco, I will start by asking how you first got involved with the WEC/UFC?”


    Francisco Rivera: “Thanks Jay, Well after a few local fights and four knockouts in under a minute I think I caught Zuffa’s attention. I was always an exciting fighter and in every fight you would see something special. Then one day I got the call from the WEC and I can tell you it was like a dream come true.”


    Jay Cee: “You are still young in age and also in the sport of MMA. What are your goals and what do you hope to achieve from your career in MMA?”


    Francisco Rivera: “My goal is to be one of the top fighters out there. I want to be at the top one day and to achieve that I have to work hard and train hard every single day. It’s my job, my life and I love it! I will never stop or quit loving this sport.”


    Jay Cee: “Your last fight in the UFC was against Reuben Duran. What are your thoughts on that fight and when can we next expect to see you in action within the UFC?”


    Francisco Rivera: “My fight against Reuben was tough. I thought I was winning the fight until I broke my hand in the second round with an overhand right. I kept battling through it but fighting with one hands sucks. My next fight will be soon. I am getting my hand stronger and having the correct therapy so I should be back in no time.”


    Jay Cee: “What fight camp/gym do you train with? and what is your favorite part of training?”


    Francisco Rivera: “I train with three different teams. I train at United Mixed Martial Arts in La Miranda, CA. I also train at All In MMA with Eddie Cha in my home town Buena Park and lastly I train at Combat Submission Wrestling (CSW) in Fullerton, CA. My favorite part of training is learning the fight game. There is so much to learn and there are always new submissions and techniques. In this sport there are always new fighters doing something different. I’m always watching fighters fight, I take it all in and try it during training to see if I can use it. If it works for me then it will make my game a lot stronger, getting better is a must.”


    Jay Cee: “Who is your favorite MMA fighter currently competing? And what is your favorite MMA/UFC fight of all time?”


    Francisco Rivera: “My favorite fighter right now would have to be Tito Ortiz. He has been in the game for years now and is one of the humblest and nicest dudes ever. He currently has the longest fight streak in the octagon, that’s crazy!…Blessed!….Oh, and one of my sponsors (Punishment)…lol. One of the best fights that I have watched and loved in the UFC was the recent Pat Barry (what up to my boy Pat!) Vs Cheick Kongo fight, Oh My god that was so sick! It shows that anything can happen in a fight and you should never give up until the referee stops it…Lol…that is gonna be top 3 for a long time in the UFC.”


    Jay Cee: “Ok, great. Thanks for the interview Cisco. It has been good getting to know more about you and I am sure the readers will really enjoy it!”


    Francisco Rivera: “Thanks for the interview Jay Cee, much appreciated.”


    The End


    I hope you enjoyed that people. Make sure you keep an eye out for Francisco as he will be back in the UFC soon.


    Be sure to check Francisco Rivera out on Twitter: http://twitter.com/CiscoRiveraUFC


    Thanks guys!


    Jay Cee.