• Jake Shields vs Jake Ellenberger at UFC Fight Night 25!


    UFC Fight Night 25 will take place on September 17th 2011. The main event is going to be Jake Shields vs Jake Ellenberger. This is a fight I am really looking forward to as Ellenberger is currently on great form and enters the bout on a four fight winning streak. He has won his last four UFC fights against Mike Pyle, John Howard, Carlos Rocha and Sean Pierson who was his latest win at UFC 129. Ellenberger is a well rounded fighter much like Shields so this is a very good match up. Jake Shields enters this fight coming off of a loss to the welterweight champion Georges St Pierre. Before losing this fight Jake Shields had won his last 15 fights in a row which is an amazing run. Shields will want to get back on track with a big will over Ellenberger which will put him back on the title trail. It is set to be a great main event and a fantastic night of fights.


    Thanks guys,


    Jay Cee.