• The UFC goes into business with media giant FOX!


    Some major news has emerged today readers. The FOX Sports Media Group who are the top television network in the US have come to a multi-year agreement with Zuffa who own the UFC. This is major news for the promotion and the sport. The UFC can finally align itself alongside all of the other major sporting organizations in the industry. This is the moment that allows our sport to move itself onto the next level of global recognition. Everything about it makes sense, the worlds biggest Mixed Martial Arts promotion/organization teaming up with one of the world biggest and most powerful television networks. I think this is great news for the industry and our sport, so well done to Dana White and the Fertitta’s. Reports suggest that there will be some positive changes and additions to some things. There will be a new set of shows introduced for live events. We will now have a pre-fight, countdown and post fight shows for UFC events and they plan to introduce some new UFC shows/series and weigh in specials. This is only a small portion of all the things planned but basically the UFC now has the platform on which it can expand to the highest level of any sport on the planet and this in my opinion is great news for our industry.


    Thanks guys,


    Jay Cee.