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    I was recently sent a pair of Badboy MMA Fight Gloves from my friends over at EliteMMA.com – Here is my review on the product…

    Style and Appearance

    These gloves have a very basic colour scheme made mostly of black leather with red stitching. The Badboy logo featuring a pair of eyes printed in white appears on the large padded area covering the knuckles and fingers. The logo again appears on the velcro wrist strap section of the glove with the Badboy name and Pro Series design logo. A very basic design that is more then worthy of being worn in any MMA gym. I personally like the basic style and feel it would appeal to many people who do not like fancy colours and outlandish designs.

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    Design and Fit

    One of the best features of these gloves is the wide velcro strap which I found provides great support for your wrists. The gloves have also been created with an open palm and thumb design, I like this as it allows for greater movement and less restriction. The glove is very comfortable to wear and the padding is not to tight and rigid. This is important as you need to be able to open and close your hand when sparring and I found this could be done easily with these gloves. The only improvement I would make to the fit is the finger endings. I feel they could be made a little bit smaller or not as wide, but this is my personal preference and may not be an issue for others using the glove.

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    Performance and Functionality

    The first thing to note about these gloves is that as soon as you put them on you can feel they are light and do not restrict speed in any way. When working with pads or mitts they feel great, the gloves are made with very good quality leather and you can feel this when training. The gloves feel tight and provide good impact protection. When sparring with a partner the great ability for hand movement that I mentioned earlier makes it easy for you to perform submissions and holds when working on the ground.

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    Overall Analysis

    Overall I really liked these gloves because they “do what it says on the tin”. If it is a fancy design and futuristic technology you are looking for then these gloves are not for you. If you want a pair if good quality gloves that feel great and allow you to get the most out of your training sessions then they are fine. I feel that the basic design and high level of functionality that the gloves provide will appeal to many people This is a good product that gets the thumbs up from me.

    If you are interested in purchasing/buying this product please use the following link:


    Thanks again to you the readers, Badboy and EliteMMA.com for sending me the product.

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    Jay Cee – The MMA Review

    Please remember that everything written in this review is my own opinion based on my own use of the product. Thanks guys!