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  • True Rashguard 1 300x263 Product Review: True Fight Gear Rash Guard

    I was recently sent a True Fight Gear rash guard by my friends over at martialartssupplies.com – Here is my review on the product….

    Style and Appearance

    Personally I really like the style and design of the True Fight Gear rash guard. It is short sleeved, the base colours are black for the main body and white for the sleeves. The logo appears on the front at a diagonal angle with three different coloured versions of the logo overlapping each other. The top colour is white with a grey logo underneath and lastly a very dark gray/black logo under that. It is very simple but effective. The logo is again shown on the back of the rash guard near the collar in a white colour, I find this to be a nice touch that complements the design. A bold logo that jumps out mixed with a very basic design and colour choice, It works well and looks great.

    Design and Fit

    My particular rash guard was a size “Large” which fitted me perfectly. There are rash guards on the market that are generally tight but offer an ever so slightly looser and supposedly more comfortable wear, this is not my preference as I like a tighter fit. The True Fight Gear rash guard was nice and tight on my body allowing me to work comfortably on the ground when making transitions and working on BJJ. The rash guard is noticeably long which is great if you like the option of tucking it into your shorts etc. This prevents any unwanted material rising up when training. The design has visible black stitching on the sleeves, collar and chest of the rashguard. This type of stitching can sometimes cause discomfort and unnecessary rubbing but I have to say I did not notice at all.


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    Performance and Functionality

    When in actual use the rash guard is light and allows for plenty of free movement without any restrictions, this is due to the good quality stitching that you can plainly see on the rash guard itself. I did sweat quite a bit while using it but did not feel the discomfort I have experienced when using other rash guards in the past which is a great bonus. This rash guard is fine to wear under a gi and also feels fine when working on your BJJ and nogi grappling.

    Overall Analysis

    This is a well made good quality rash guard that I would recommend to anyone looking for a simple and comfortable wear. It does not offer any fancy air vents or materials, just a basic combination of polyester and spandex. Great choice for people who simply want a rash guard that works and provides durability. Overall it is a good piece of gear.


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    Thanks to you the readers, True Fight Gear and again to martialartssupplies.com for sending me the product.

    Please feel free to leave comments on what you think.

    Jay Cee – The MMA Review.

    Please remember that everything written in this review is purely my own opinion based on my own use of the product. Thanks guys!