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    I was recently sent a pair of UFC Ultimate Training Shoes by my friends over at Ringstar – Here is my review on the product….

    Style and Appearance

    When you first set your eyes on the UFC Ultimate Training Shoe one of the first things you notice is the striking design and styling. The padded Lace Protection System has a very modern edge and look to it which complements the aggressive styling on the side panels of the shoe where the air vents are located. I am reviewing the Black and Red version of the shoe but it also comes in a White and Silver colour combination. The shoe has the UFC logo on the velcro strap which connects to the side of the shoe, it also appears again on the sole of the shoe in the middle. All in all it is a well put together training shoe with a modern and stylish edge.

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    Design and Fit

    The great thing about this shoe is that it is made with so many innovative and unique technologies which have been designed specifically to make the shoe safer and more comfortable for the person wearing it. The shoe incorporates a three layered foam padding protection system and patented lace protection system. The shoe also gives the wearer impact protection which is located at various strike points on the foot. Even the sole of the shoe has been specifically designed to give added protection to the foot and achilles heel. This is a very high tech shoe that actually works and feels great to wear.

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    Performance and Functionality

    As soon as you put the shoe on you can feel the comfort, it feels spacious but you can spar and kick without a feeling of looseness which is good. The three layer padding technology really does give great protection when working with pads and also in live sparring with other people. When I first looked at the shoe I thought that it may be quite heavy based on appearance but they are actually very light allowing for great movement and speed. The sole of the shoe provides very good grip, this in effect mimics being barefoot very well when training. It helps with changes of direction and movement around the ring/cage etc. Better movement allows for better performance meaning you can get the most out of your sparring sessions. The air ventilation on the sides of the shoe are well placed to ensure that your feet do not get too hot and sweaty when training which can only be a good thing.

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    Overall Analysis

    Overall this is a fantastic product that incorporates some great technology into the design of the shoe. A high quality training shoe that offers great protection for the wearer and their training partners. It does not slow down or make your training experience any harder, it only enhances your ability to perform better. Price wise the shoe is not cheap but I feel well worth the investment, I cannot comment on the durability too much as I have not had the product long enough but I can tell you that it is well made with quality materials. I would really recommend this product to others and I can see it being very popular on the market.

    If you are interested in purchasing this UFC Ultimate Training Shoe or getting more information then please use the following link:


    Thanks to you the readers, UFC and Ringstar for sending me the product.

    Please feel free to leave comments on what you think.

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    Please remember that everything written in this review is my own opinion based on my own use of the product. Thanks guys!