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    I was recently sent a pair of Fight Gear Anklets by my friends over at fightgear-4u.com – Here is my review on the product…

    Style and Appearance

    These Fightgear4u Anklets have a really nice appearance, the base colour is black with all the print and grip spots in red. The anklet has a red Fightgear4u logo on the side which looks great. The grip spots are located on the sole section of the anklet and really combines well with the colour of the logo. Absolutely nothing wrong with the appearance and I would say that this product is a good example of style through simplicity.

    Design and Fit

    These anklets are very snug and tight which provides great support for your foot and ankle. When pulling them on you you have to give them a good tug, but once on correctly they feel very comfortable and provide great wear-ability. After a few seconds of having them on I was nearly unaware that they were there due to the nice fit. The anklets have a hole where the heel of your foot pops out which allows for flexibility and movement. There is no fancy element to the design of these anklets but they are designed to do their job which is support the foot and ankle while training and they do just that.

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    Performance and Functionality

    When in actual use during training these anklets provide great grip allowing for quick movement and control, this gives the user added confidence while sparring or doing pad work etc. When you have these anklets on you can feel the great support that they provide, which is great for anyone who has an injury or is trying to prevent one from happening. I found that my joints were under minimal stress when using this piece of kit, so if you know that you have a weak foot or ankle this gear would be great as it allows you to train in the knowledge that you are protected and safe.

    Overall Analysis

    Overall this is a great piece of kit that gives the wearer added confidence and protection while training. While basic in design the anklets do a great job in supporting and keeping your joints safe. I definitely give this gear the thumbs up!


    Make sure you check out: http://fightgear-4u.com/ for all the latest MMA and fight gear.

    Thanks to you the readers and fightgear-4u.com for sending me the product.

    Please feel free to leave comments on what you think.

    Jay Cee – The MMA Review.

    Please remember that everything written in this review is purely my own opinion based on my own use of the product. Thanks guys!