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    THQ is back with their latest instalment from the world of mixed martial arts. UFC Undisputed 3 hit UK stores on February 17th 2012 and fans will be happy to know that this latest release does not disappoint.

    Since the last game (UFC Undisputed 2010) THQ have really worked hard on making improvements on the area’s that came up short, making for a much more enjoyable gaming experience. The main differences can be found in the improved gameplay and game modes.

    One of the most popular additions to this game is the Pride mode which allows gamers to either re-live classic Pride fights or work their way up the ranks through the career mode. The game also includes a lot of cool bonus videos and footage that can be earned upon completing or working through different parts of the game.

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    One of the main things I found hard in the older UFC games was mastering the ground controls when fighting and actually pulling of a submission which required frantic joystick rotation. This has been simplified and improved to allow players to really take control on the ground and manoeuvre or reverse out of different situations. Submission success is also now determined by a mini-game where you chase the opponents player bar with your own player bar to weaken their defence and complete a successful submission.

    The stand up element of the game while control wise is still very much the same has also been improved with much more fluent combos and striking attacks. Clinching has become more complex with additional ways to attack and inflict damage to your opponent. You are also now able to have your opponent against the cage and work from that area to improve dominance and gain control during a fight.

    The career mode allows players to either choose to work their way up the ranks with an existing UFC fighter or create their own fighter from scratch. Under the trusted guidance of Mike Goldberg you are given relevant tutorials and tips on how to manage each area of your career from training and fight camps through to sponsors and octagon attire. The stat heavy style of the previous UFC games has been greatly improved with a more skill orientated approach that allows you to make your fighter better by playing mini-games and performing drills. This gives the whole training experience a new edge and makes it a lot more fun and enjoyable.

    On top of the improvements to the gameplay and game modes you will also find that two new weight classes have been added (featherweight and bantamweight). The game also has improved graphics which showcases detailed fighter likeness and accurate body types. The game still features jaw-dropping knockouts and also has some entertaining fighter entrances that I am sure you will enjoy. UFC undisputed 3 definitely improves on where the last game was weak and gives fans the chance to play and be part of the worlds largest mixed martial arts organisation. This game gets a huge thumbs up from me and is sure to be a success with fans.

    Thanks again to you the readers and THQ for such a great game.

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    Jay Cee – The MMA Review.

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