• CSMMA – Ultimate Conflict 2 results

  • Picture 26 CSMMA Ultimate Conflict 2 resultsLast night (Saturday 21st April 2012) UK fight promotion CSMMA held their “Ultimate Conflict 2″ event which took place at the Mandolay Hotel, Guildford. With a great night of exciting fights fans were able to enjoy K-1, Boxing and MMA matches all on the same fight card.

    The event was headlined by a bout between Karl Langley and Jimmy “Justice” Millar, both men came to fight and put on a good show with Langley scoring the TKO victory. There was a variety of other interesting battles battles on the card which was hosted by announcer Brett Freeman and presented by Cherelle Jay who conducted the post fight interviews, we literally saw knockout’s, submission’s and decision’s on this action packed night of grass-roots MMA.

    The results for CSMMA – Ultimate Conflict 2 are as follows:

    - Karl Langley vs Jimmy “Justice” Miller (Pro K1 – 86KG) – Karl Langley wins via TKO

    - Reece Watson vs Steve Dossett (Pro K1 – 84KG) – Reece Watson wins via TKO.
    - Earl Brown vs Dave Rintoul (Pro MMA – 93KG) – Dave Rintoul wins via TKO
    - Ian “Monster” Hawkins vs Sam Hamerston (HW Boxing) – Sam Hamerston wins via TKO

    - Hovo Tadevosyan vs Marcus Powell (Pro K1) – Hovo Tadevosyan wins via Decision.
    - Josh Bangert vs Josh Lappin (MMA Semi Pro) – Josh Bangert wins via Decision
    - Clive Charles vs Max Holloway (K1 Amm) – Max Hollaway wins via Decision.

    Picture 38 300x286 CSMMA Ultimate Conflict 2 results

    - Alan Cooper vs Jamie Trankle (K1 Pro) – Jamie Trankle wins via TKO.
    - Kirsty Davis vs Anna Ayres (WC Boxing) – Kirsty Davis wins via TKO.
    - Lennie Scudder vs Steve McDonald (MMA Semi Pro) – Lennie Scudder wins via Submission.

    - Nathan Jones vs Matthew Dakin (MMA Semi Pro) – Nathan Jones wins via Submission.
    - Michael Maroudas vs Mark “Storm Trooper”Keggy (MMA Semi Pro) – Michael Maroudasspacer CSMMA Ultimate Conflict 2 results wins via Submission.

    - Gavin Crouch vs Louis Kamara (WC Boxing) -‚Äč Louis Kamara wins via decision.

    Picture 79 300x252 CSMMA Ultimate Conflict 2 resultsNext time you get the chance to come and see a CSMMA event I highly recommend popping down for some great MMA action.

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